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    What type of actions are required to prevent air pollution in India

    Air pollution is a growing problem worldwide. Scientists are on it and finding new ways to tackle the problem. What unique ideas you have to face this issue?
    Mine one is:
    Since vehicular emission is the prominent factor of air pollution in India. Therefore, using newly developed emission control technologies and their strict adaptation can be the solution. What are your thoughts?
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    The most important thing I would say is to be aware of the gravity of the situation. The level of pollution is increasing everywhere and nowadays many news channels report the air quality index of prominent cities in India almost regularly on certain seasons during the year. It is to make us aware of the air quality. It is difficult to pinpoint a particular reason for the increased level of pollution and many factors need to be taken into account. My thought is to behave sensibly to reduce pollution. If people can discard a few bad habits, the level of pollution can be controlled effectively. Instead of throwing garbage here and there or spitting on the pavement or road, we can behave sensibly by throwing them at their destined garbage vat/bin. On every occasion, rather than using polluting firecrackers, we can think of some other options. Behaving sensibly can reduce pollution a lot but if we remain stubborn it will not change the situation.

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    There are many reasons for the pollution in the world and to keep a control on this many agencies have to work together and make the people aware of the hazards that are created by pollution. There are so many industries which are not adhering to affluent discharge properly and environment pollution is taking place. In many places burning of grass is creating coal specs and ash dust which even gets transported to other places from the place of the origin. So most of these things require actions and guidance to be done at the grass root level from where these pollutions are being generated.
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    There are two important reasons for air pollution.
    The first point is industrial air pollution. Many pharma companies and many chemical companies are working in our country. But unfortunately, some of such industries will not adhere to the standards and never follow proper treatment methodologies and leave untreated at gases into the air. We have to tighten the belt here. No industry should be allowed to leave effluents without proper treatment. The Pollution control board authorities should not have any soft corner or specials interests towards these people. If any deviation found the factory should be closed down and permission should be given only after rectification.
    The second source of air pollution is vehicle pollution. Fuels which are alternative fuels to conventional fuels should be used for vehicles. Electric vehicles should replace all the present conventional vehicles. Public transportation should be given more preference than a private vehicle.
    These actions will result in a lot of improvement in air quality.

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    Apart from the vehicals air pollution is also caused by the industries so the government agencies need to have strict check points .

    Also use of crackers on festivals and weddings contribute air pollution so we should avoid it as much as we can.

    We should not cut trees and plant them as much as we can as they release oxygen which makes environment clean.


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    We can discuss about how to control air-pollution but it does not give results.
    - Can we expect that governments take decision to ban all diesel or petrol vehicles? When we talk about pollution by vehicles, only cars, buses and all road transport vehicles come in our mind. What about helicopters, aeroplanes, rockets, missiles, spaceships, warplanes. - Do they not create any problem for environment?
    - Can we expect that only CNG vehicles should be allowed. Surely, governments and oil companies earn a lot of money in this business. Will it not be a big loss of money?
    - Can we expect that all aircontioned plants are banned because all big air condition plants emit gases. Are you ready to use fan instead.
    - Factories can't be closed however, filters can be used on chimneys.
    - Afforestation should be implemented in larger scale.

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    Limit vehicles and increase plants thats it. Go green and bring eco friendly technologies.

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