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    Five points for a parent and teacher to follow for the success of the student

    Do you think there are specific aspects that parents and teachers need to focus on in order that a student is successful? Share your own personal experiences which may provide good tips to moulding a successful student.

    To see the success of a student, a parent and teacher play a very important role. A student spends the most part of his/her student life in the school and at home. At home, parents take care of them and at school teachers will take care of them. So the parents' and teachers' role is crucial in moulding their lives.

    Based on your experience, what five important points you suggest to be followed by each parent and teacher in moulding a student? Give the crucial points you believe to be implemented. You can give even some explanations.
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    Nice thread by the author. This is true that parents and teachers play a parallel role in a student/child's life. Here are some points which should be followed by teaches and parents.
    For teachers -
    It is necessary for the teacher to understand the thinking of children, how children think, and how they can be helped. The teacher should adopt such a method during his studies in which children should learn more and more.
    The teacher should understand that every student has his own interest and he has to understand their interest and need. Understanding the skills and curiosities of children, teachers should prepare such activities that children should not take the burden of studies and take education interesting. All children do not belong to the same ability and so do not judge them by making one criterion for all.
    For parents -
    Children should not be forced to compete where they are not interested.
    Parents have an important role in recognizing the ability of children, so help your child by identifying his/her ability.
    No matter how busy you are, always give time to your children.
    Give children the chance to rectify their mistakes, and let them learn from their mistakes.

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    Parents and teachers are equally responsible for the growth of the students and the end result will be based on their attitude and inclinations.
    Parents have to take care that they should not give much financial liberty to the children, they should maintain the discipline in the house, take care of the health of the children, monitor their physical activity and suggest the necessary exercises, keep a connect with teachers etc.
    On the other hand teachers are supposed to keep a track of the academic progress of the students, their oral performance in the class, any suspected behaviour of the students is to be brought in the knowledge of the parents, they also have to keep in touch with the parents etc.

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    It is the combined duty of the parents and teachers to take care of the children and only through the joint efforts something good in the lives of the students can be achieved. Parents have to ascertain that child remains within the limits of manners and adequate and does not fall prey to bad society. Teacher on the other hand should review the educational gains made by the child and report it to the parents periodically emphasising any change or guidelines from his side. It is a complete joint effort and so it is necessary to have good coordination between the two. Many parents feel that career making is done by the teacher. It is partially correct but without the monitoring and control by the parents nothing would happen.
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    One can hold a lengthy discussion on the crucial roles of parenting and teaching in the life of students. However, if one is to provide five important pointers leading to the success of a student, the parents and teachers must keep in mind the following things-
    Firstly, constant motivation and encouragement are pivotal for the growth of a student. Parents and teachers must look for ways to instill confidence in the student. This inspires the student to strive for more or to excel in academics.
    Secondly, it is the role of parents and teachers to make the student work hard and practice as much as one can. The student must be taught to be determined and hard working in doing one's job. Parents and teachers are responsible to teach the student, importance of sincerity towards work.
    Thirdly, it is pivotal for a student's success that he/she does what interests them. Parents and teachers should make sure of the interest and preferences of the student, which makes them more focussed and involved. It encourages them to study what they like.
    Fourthly, Parents and teachers must provide an environment to the student which is conducive to growth. At home, parents must make sure of maintaining a healthy and calm surrounding which will help the student to focus better on studies. At school, teachers must make an environment of a healthy competition which keeps the student motivated and willing to work for advancements.
    Lastly, it is the onus upon the parents and teachers to make the student learn the value of education in life. For the success of a student, it is important to teach the values of discipline towards work. The student must be taught the application of his/her studies in daily life and this would make them have respect for education.

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    It's a good thread. Indeed, parents and teachers both have responsibility to look after the children.
    - How they can study in an conducive environment it's essential for the parents to create this environment in home.
    - Students should not be forced to study in vacant period. I have come to know from some students that if the students are playing in a vacant period in play ground, they are stopped and are forced to study. obviously they will come back to their books but teachers can't expect them to concentrate on their study.
    - They should be encouraged to work hard by narrating them stories of great educationists, scientists, writers, poets, businessmen etc.
    - They should be taught how to study and when to study. They should not be stopped from sports and their other favourite games. Playing games refresh their mood.
    - Teachers should focus on all students of the class. Only front-benchers should not be addressed. and back-benchers should not be neglected.
    - Sometimes, it's noticed any student who sits on the last bench does not focus on study because of weakness of eyesight. So teachers should check all students if they see clearly to what is written on the blackboard.
    - Parents should make a time table for their children and should look after them whether or not they are following their time table.
    - Parents should discourage their children from taking junk food. They should encourage their children to take the food which is good for their health, especially, for their memory-boosting.

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    Indeed a good thread that raises a very important question and answers it in some sort of way.
    Parents and teachers have equally important contribution to make throughout their children's life however I believe that parents are supposed to work towards the growth of their children at some point of their life and teachers work towards the child is different at different point of time. Both of theirs tasks sometimes may overlap however they are not quite similar. Here are some of them from my point of view-:
    : Parents are primary social agents of their children, hence it becomes quite necessary for them to be carefully with how they behave in front of them. A sympathetic, kind, careful gestures and behavior are useful and advisable.
    : Teachers are required to be more attentive, a lot of teachers i know are just aware with the academic performance of the children, but paying more attention could help built confidence in the child along with him/her becoming more keen in learning.
    :Parents should start giving their children space and freedom at a younger age as it creates a sense of independency at early age, which later would turn them making their own decision in career etc. They might make mistakes but they will also learn from them.
    :Teachers are also required to stop interfering in the personal lives of their students until extremely necessary. I have seen how teachers interfere in the lives of their students which results in student holding grudges against them that affects their studies, also a lot of time teachers are also discriminatory towards some students because of something they did in their personal lives.
    : Parents should be careful at what words they use around their children while scolding or explaining something, especially during their adolescence as it may leave deep scars on them throughout their lives. Rather they can be better listers to them.
    :Lastly, both parents and teachers should take their young children and students seriously, they should take their opinion and listen to their problems. This would lead them to feel more loved and valid and form better opinions themselves.

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