The most delightful fare on Netflix

The OTT platform was possibly invented for the audiences who are by and large, still tied to their homes. Millions of middle-class people still hesitate to take the Tejas type of trains to reach out to the nearest cities to attend the wedding of some close relative. Perhaps they need some good entertainment, that is shocking, disturbing, and simply breath-taking.

And so here it is. It goes by the title of Pavva Kathaigal, with subtitles in English. The entire Tamil sequence of four different short-films, each with a different but socially relevant theme. is fabulously woven into one big sequence on Netflix. I request all Members to watch this. Now, Pavva Kathaiga literally means Stories of Sin. Yes. There are four of them. One deals with the issue of how our society deals with those who belong to the "differently-abled" category. The pathetic story of a young man, who literally feels like dressing like a woman, talking like a woman, and falling in love with a young man. When he realizes his folly, he happily gets his own sister married to the hero and dies a very tragic death. A fabulous story that is amazingly told. The second is about lesbians, but the truth unfolds later. The assertive young girl wants to marry a man of her choice and plays a trick on her father, who actually kills her twin sister since she dared to marry outside her caste. The third story is about a very young girl who is raped and the trauma that the parents undergo. The girl is told to be brave and get going in her life -- a very positive step indeed.

The fourth is about a father who kills his own daughter, who runs away and marries the man she loves, outside her caste. The boy is an IT professional based in Chennai.

The four short stories are stunningly told by four different directors. This new experiment should continue.