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    If two friends are at logger heads then do you interfere?

    Normally the friends and friendship goes hand in hand with lots of understanding and goes a long way of bonding together. But sometimes the friends get wrongly communicated or informed and that makes their ego takes the front seat and thus the face off or the logger heads between the two begins and we being the common friend for both of them had to interfere and suffice them with reasoning as to who is wrong and who is right. But sometimes our interference may not be liked and they want to mend their own ways.
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    If there are some misunderstandings between two people, a third person who is equally close to both the persons can try to interfere and solve the problem. That person should talk to each other and understand the actual problem and after taking their consent, he can try to do some patch-up work. But any one of them is not interested in the negotiation, we should not attempt for that. If we don't know any one of them also we should not interfere. But we can try to discuss separately and try to give some good suggestions and leave it there.
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    If both of them are my friends then surely, I shall interfere in the matter and will settle their dispute and will try my best to let them forget their differences and issues. But if both of them are not my friends, I shall advise them to settle their disputed issues. If they show any indifference, then let them go to Hell. I don't care. If I know them very well that they will not like anybody advising them, then I shall not advise them to patch up. It's their life, let them do what they like.

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    If both the persons are known to me and if they develop a sour relationship due to some misunderstanding, I would make ever effort to resolve the issue. Their unnecessary tension has to be diffused for their smooth normalisation of their relationship. Though there are some intermediate persons trying to poison the ears of both the parties. However, such an attempt to keep them apart by speaking ills of each other will ultimately expose the charecter of the person trying to destabilise the relationship between the two. Doing such a role is always counterproductive. Instead, we must try to patch up the strained relationship.

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    In a friendship there are some expectations and some aspirations based on mutual trust and if anything goes against that one or both might get hurt and a conflict will be created between the two. Most of the times this happens when a friend criticises openly about his friend and it reaches to that friend through other people. So even a single instance of backbiting can bring sourness in the relationship between two friends. In such conditions the other friends feels that it is their duty to resolve the crisis and bring end to the dispute otherwise the misunderstanding may even go deeper and spoil the relations for good. In general it is said that if these people ask the advices from other friends regarding this then only we should help them to comer out of the situation. Sometimes they feel that they do not want outside interference and would resolve it themselves. If it is so then we need not to poke in the matter.
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    Yes it happens when I am a common friend I will definitely try to patch up the differences between them. And that's a duty of a good friend.

    In the past I have done this for my friends. But we should be careful in doing so as sometimes we may not be appreciated by them and may have to face their harsh behaviour too. They may speak anything in anger so we must be prepared for that also. There are all sort of people in this world , we should not feel bad for whatever they say and forgive them as they are our friend.


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    I think it is quite natural to develop bitterness between two people some times. Resentment between two people can be due to any reason. Misunderstanding increase and relationships become a victim of bitterness.

    But if it is within your capacity to help patch up the difference between the two people, you should do it to bring both closer to each other. It is the responsibility of a person to become socially active and help people develop better relationships in a community.
    Harmony will evolve if people encourage positive relations and friendly atmosphere between people.

    Therefore, it is better to intervene to clear the misunderstanding between two friends and help them become better friends again.

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    Friendship is a relationship in which we trust our friend the most and that is why it is natural to get the distance in a relationship if even a small expectation is proved wrong, but if your friendship is true then this distance is not going to last long and both friends You can rectify the situation by removing the misconceptions among themselves. But if the situation has worsened, then someone close to both of them can understand the situation wisely, but cautiously because sometimes the third person in the quarrel of two people can make things worse. Apart from this, some people never like that if others interfere in their matter, then in such a place, the outsider ie the third person should remain calm.

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