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    Cursing the situation or luck would not help

    In our lives, at every step, some problem may come and sometimes it might be a smooth way ahead also. It depends on many factors and it is difficult to foresee that. Whenever there is a setback or problem, most of us start cursing our luck or the people involved with that or the present governance in the society or some other factor and somehow get a satisfaction that everything was likely to go nicely if such bad luck was not there. But the fact of matter is that cursing would not be of any advantage as it will not solve the problem and next time when we go ahead with some task same failure may result. Telling things that my luck is like that and wherever I go misfortunes follow me would not be of any use and will result in self pity and voidness in life. We must understand that we can only act but results are dependent on so many factors which vary from one situation to other. So let us not waste time in self pity or things like that and plan our next activity with new vigour and zeal. That is the only way to proceed ahead.
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    Nice post from the author. What I feel that instead of cursing the situation and blaming it on luck factor we should ponder over how to come out of the situation. The challenging moment might have been expected before hand or it has come so suddenly and even expected. But we should have the trait to come out of the situation and not blaming those who were the cause for the happening and delaying the matter. Especially during the accidents when the person needs immediate attention of medical care, people indulge in war of words as to who has done wrong and resulting in accident and by the time so much blood would have lost. But shame on those who try to video the accident happening and put them in their status profile of social media. So getting out of situation and ease out should be the paramount importance.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Human beings have a very common nature that whenever they fail or if the circumstances in life are not in accordance with them, then they start cursing and make sure that no one is worse off than them. By blaming others or circumstances, you can never achieve success and happiness, the more you believe yourself responsible for your current situation whatever it is, the more you will be able to rectify that bad situation. Some people go to such an extent that they start blaming God for every little thing or every little failure and many times they leave their failure on luck. One thing we should always keep in mind is that no one can help us other than us, from the day we strengthen ourselves, all the difficult situations will become easier. The challenges of life are not more powerful than our self-confidence, so do not be afraid, but face them and stop cursing.

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    When a person faces any problem or failure, it is a stepping stone to success. A person by facing the failure only gets to know different ways that won't bring success. Such unsuccessful bids are steps taking closer to the target. There is no need to feel upset but be persistent in your endeavour to get success.
    I think everyone faces problems in life. Cursing luck or situation won't be fair. It is the will and confidence that strengthens the person to achieve success. A person needs to persistent and consistent in his efforts to herald success rather than just curing the situation or luck.

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    It is natural to remember God in our bad times and usually we curse our own bad luck also at the same time or blame someone that he had done some plot to ruin us. Very few people will be there who do not resort to such exclamations. Still, I agree that we should try not to curse and keep patience and think for the upcoming tasks and engagements and do not bother for the past happenings.
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    This is the most common trait of many people. When things go as expected and the end result is good, everybody starts praising themselves and feel that they performed very well and hence got good results. When things go bad they start blaming others or say luck is not in their favour. Some people say that the conditions are not favourable. Some people throw the blame on somebody else. This is how many times it happens.
    Actually one should have the courage to accept the failure and try to analyse the situation and understand where they went wrong and they should get it corrected. Once we do this exercise we will not go wrong in our next attempts and we will be learning from our mistakes. This is an education. That is why we say the analysis of failure is very important. People who are successful will do this failure analysis during designing or planning time only. They will think of probable chances of going wrong and try to fix them.

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