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    Have the ability to expect the impending danger before hand

    An accident which occurred to one of my relatives has really baffled everyone that sometimes we fail to gauge the impending danger and unmindful of it we try to move on. They were traveling to Kurnool in a car and during the midnight a stone laden lorry with over loaded capacity was going in front of their car. The car driver want to over take and get past, the lorry while give side, has erred in one big stone falling on the side and thus the speeding car gone over the stone and rammed into the meridian and jumped to the other side of road with so many somersaults injuring the occupants severely. They are hospitalized and out of danger. Road journeys must be undertaken with utmost caution.
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    Most of the accidents happen because we do not adhere to the basic safety measures in our work and life and take things casually. For example in the cited case the stones were probably not covered from above and tied with an apron which is generally done on the overloaded vehicles. In such cases anytime one of the boulders can fall away and injure anyone which comes in its contact in any way. There are umpteen number of such examples in he real life where we compromise with safety only to think that nothing would happen and we will be saved with the mercy of God. Though police are supposed to check such defaulters and fine them and even do not allow them to go ahead without correcting it but unfortunately due to the poor governance everywhere we do not have control on these things and finally it affects someone, somewhere on the roads or even in industrial environment. We have witnessed so many industrial accidents which happen because of neglect in the maintenance.
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    Even slight negligence can cause a major accident while driving a vehicle, so caution is very important. As the author has mentioned the accident about his friend, many such incidents are often read in the newspaper and many times the result of these accidents is very frightening. You should try that when taking out your vehicle from the side of such big vehicles, in which such heavy luggage or something is being carried, then be more careful or you should wait for enough space find on the road.

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    When we want to overtake a loaded vehicle we should take proper care and give sufficient margin and then only we should overtake. Yesterday I was travelling back from Gulbarga to Hyderabad. My driver was driving the vehicle at 90Kmph speed. Another car overtook us which was travelling at almost 120 Kmph. After overtaking us a small dog came running on the road and the driver of the rushing vehicle couldn't apply break and he went down the road. Luckily nothing happened. As we were going behind them we have seen that mishap. So the important thing is speed. When an accident happened when you are going fast, the damage will be heavy.
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    May God protect all from accidents. Sometimes, it's not in our hands to protect ourselves from an accident. Nobody wants to face an accident but sometimes, it occurs as it happened with the author's relative. We should take care much about all such situation. I heard about a horrible accident that a loaded tractor-trolley fell on a car in the same manner as the author wrote. The driver should take care before overtaking if any loaded heavy vehicle is running ahead.

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