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    Are you bracing up to have vaccination for entire family?

    By next week India is embarking on is biggest vaccination drive to get rid of Covid virus and biggest exercise of involving over one lakh volunteers who are trained to give vaccine shots in a most professional way. Some are having the apprehensions that children need not be given the vaccine as they are protected and well seen by the respective parents. Though side effects are not termed or envisaged the elders feel that Children should not be given the vaccine for obvious reasons. What is your opinion on this matter.
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    Regarding your query in the title of this thread, no, we are not going to rush to take any vaccine. We have been discussing the various vaccines and feel that we need to have some more concrete news about their efficacy and get clear awareness of possible side effects after the first shot (apparently we have to take two shots with a gap of some weeks). Besides, I don't think it is mandatory to take the vaccine, is it?

    As for children being affected or not and whether or not they, too, need to take the shots, I am not aware of this.

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    We will come to know the real efficacy of the vaccine after it is administered to the lakhs of health workers. We need not rush up for the vaccine. We lived safely and waited for 10 months for the vaccine to arrive. We can wait for more time to take the vaccine, if we feel it essential and important to live peacefully.
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    I believe we should wait a little longer, first, the vaccine should be given to those who are more in need, in which the Corona warriors should be given the first place. As the Health Departments have assured not to doubt about the accuracy of the vaccine, yet getting the vaccine ready in such a short time will create doubt in the minds of some people, it is also important to first remove the doubts. But do not be careless during this time, and keep taking precautions, etc. as a part of your life for a long time, the epidemic has not ended yet and prevention is still the best treatment for this disease.

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    Immediately the Vaccination will be given to front line workers like medical field workers and sanitary workers etc. Then only our turn will come and above 50 aged persons will be given. So I feel we will get some good time before we go for vaccination. By that time we will know about the performance of the vaccine also. I am of the opinion many of the people who are above 50 will get the chance of getting vaccinated in the month end of March 2021 only.
    Coming to the question of Children, what I feel is vaccination should be given to children as they will be also moving with us outside and they will be exposed to the risks. Added to that if the Kid has to attend classes probably vaccination will become a necessity.

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    I have heard that third stage of vaccine is still to be done. If the vaccine is ready to be given to front workers, police or security personnel, let us see its result. Does it have side effects? I think this question will be answered shortly after the inception of the vaccination process.
    I don't think that healthy people should go for it because only those people who lack good immunity are vulnerable to virus, they need it surely.

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    There is no question of retaining healthy people without vaccine as all must get it.
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    No vaccine is 100% effective and even the old established vaccines are well known in these aspects. Even if a vaccine is effective in the region 70-90% it is generally allowed and approved by the agencies as waiting for a vaccine having 100% authenticity may take decades to invent and commercialise it. If a person has taken vaccine does not mean that he can now move across freely. This is a myth. He has to take all the care and only in case of getting infected he should hope that the vaccine will save him. This is a very important point and I feel one must keep it in mind.

    Those who are working in healthcare areas and dealing with the corona patients must take this vaccine. After that only the other people who are confined to the house and are not moving out can think of getting it. Every vaccine has its effects on a person depending on his reaction o it and the manifestation would differ from one individual to other. So there is no need to panic on that. It usually happens when a new vaccine is introduced.

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