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    How to deal with a bad element in high position?

    There are many social workers and good people who serve society and human beings in whichever capacity they are working and if such people become a political leader by winning election and become Minister in state or centre then we can hope good work from them and definitely our country will develop and society would be benefited. At the same time imagine the reverse situation where a goon or bad element, disguised as a gentleman, just because of some local support wins in the election and becomes a Minister or holds some high position. In that case what can we expect from him? People will be afraid to talk anything against him as he can do harm to them. So, he will rule like a mad and arrogant king. What do the member think about such a situation.
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    Some of the crooked or bad people also reach the high positions though it is an unfortunate part but my experience is that they sooner or later are caught by the law and land in jail. There are many such people right now passing their lives in jail. So one can win in the election due to local factors but once he is caught doing corrupt practices then no one can protect or save him for punishment.
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    Society deals with such people suitably. The arrogant people who think they are mighty and powerful will bite the dust at the end. The higher they go, they should become more responsible and responsive to the society around them. History is full of such arrogant people who had to see the wrath of the people.
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    Many of the political leaders or goons by themselves or they will have the support of local goons. You can see these people always around a minister or MP or MLA etc. Because of the involvement of such people in politics only the country is facing all these problems. Dealing with such people who are in power is very difficult. Prevention is always better than cure. So it is our responsibility to see that such people will not come to power. Basically, the rules and regulations should be changed in such a way a person who is having or had criminal cases against them should not be allowed to contest in elections. This is the first and foremost requirement. For a small government post also the appointment authority will get antecedents of the candidates verified by the police and then only he will be given the appointment. In the same way for contesting, the person should obtain a certificate from the local police SP stating that there are no cases against him as on date and earlier also there were no cases against him. But who will bell the cat?
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    Yes, it is very difficult to tackle such politicians who have already won the election due to their muscle power and now they become of the minister of state with their influence. They don't fear anyone because of their enormous power. If you are facing any problem and want to resolve the issues connected with your your area, such leaders would not respond favourably and in case of discussion, such leaders would be overexcited and ultimately harm you because of their underground connections.
    The best recourse is to defeat such leaders alerting the voters in that area so that he may not win the election. Even if they win the election, they cannot complete the due term because of their unfair means and ultimately they may remain behind the bars. Hence for them, their winnings are not the guarantee of their success.

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    I agree with the author that criminals create problems when they come in power and we have been watching this that several anti social elements and accused of serious crimes are in politics and some of them are said to have holding important offices. But it is our fault why we are brainwshed for any party which give tickets to criminals and they are elected with our blind support.We have experiencing how dangerous this situation is. I see many educated people as blindfolded or brainwased. They can't speak against such people and these supporters are always quick to defend them. Democracy has become a plaything for some politicians.

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