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    The beauty of one's nature is more important.

    We meet many people in our lives, some of whom are very attractive to look at, some are average and some are below average. But when we talk about some of our special people, we do not value their looks. These are the people with whom we are most comfortable, whose thoughts and nature we like and this is called the beauty of one's nature. When anyone is beautiful from within, that is, by their nature and thoughts, then they are truly beautiful. Exterior beauty can also be an important factor but is less effective than inner beauty. We should always remember that people can be attracted by being beautiful but they cannot prove themselves to be good people, to prove it, one has to be beautiful from inside.
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    It is very true that we feel comfortable and happy with clean and truthful people who are known as beautiful people also. One should have friendship only with such nice souls who can fill peace and solace in our lives.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Inner beauty is the real thing and that is the reflection of the inside feelings of a person. If inner beauty is not there then there is no point in appreciating the outwardly appearances. It would be of no use to have relations with a person who is not clean from his or her heart.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Inner beauty doesn't impress us until we spend some time with them to know about their inner beauty but the fact is external beauty has attraction and people come closer to them. We like what appears beautiful to our eyes. I never see a beautiful girl would like to have a friendship with an ugly girl. If we are not good-looking we can console us by assuming that inner beauty has a charm.

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    By seeing a person, based on his appearance we will get some impression. But that may not give you a correct impression about that person. If you want to know his nature and how is at heart, you have to talk to him for some time and understand. Some people talk very politely but inside they may be different. So inner beauty can be known only after seeing the behaviour of the person at different times. Fig (Medi Fruit) is a fruit which appears very nice and soft. But when you open it you will find many worms inside. Like this, some people appear very calm and quiet but they are not very good at heart.
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