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    Street vendors do have some real novel ideas

    Today I went to a Government Library to take some books. On the way to the Library, I have to cross a Government Hospital for women and children. On the road outside the hospital, there were four to five street shops kept in hand carts. They were selling aprons, handkerchiefs, towels, toys, feeding bottles, tumblers etc., which are all normally a need for a person getting admitted there. These shops turn out to be a great help to many people who come in a hurry without carrying the essentials.

    These vendors render very good service and for this, they are not charging much also. To put a crown on this, I saw some yellow strings tied with turmeric kept in a big cover along with the other items. Unable to control my curiosity, I asked one of them why they are keeping the mangal sutras. The vendor lady told me that it is helpful to many who come in a hurry as the ladies would have to take off all their ornaments before being taken to the labour room and they would require these threads to tie their Thali (nuptial pendant).

    I felt this was really a wonderful idea and was amazed by their business skill.

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    This thread proves one thing. The ladies in this part of the country pay great respect and value their Mangal Sutra (Thaali in Tamil). Generally, during the marriage, the nuptial knot is tied with a yellow thread bearing the Mangal Sutra. Thereafter, A golden chain replaces the yellow thread. But most women prefer to wear the yellow thread which will be removed only if she loses her hubby. The women will never allow their bare neck without a yellow thread. A woman who cannot afford to have a golden Thaali would have a turmeric piece tied in a yellow thread. During surgical operations, when all the metallic ornaments are removed, this yellow thread is sought. A good thread from the author.

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    In AP and Telangana also ladies keep two turmeric pieces tied to a yellow thread and wear them in their neck if they are not having Mangala SUtra made with gold. A married woman will be without a Mangala sutra only after her husband's death only.
    We all know that when a leady is going for surgery, she should not have gold or other metallic items on her body. Doctors insist to get these items removed. So the ladies here will keep these threads with turmeric pieces in their neck and then remove gold Mangala sutra.
    The success of the business generally depends on this out of the box thinking only. The basic rule is that sell the product in demand. Don't think that people will purchase what you sell but sell what they want. This is the point for your success in the business.

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    These vendors keep those items which are demanded by their customers. I see small children standing at the court campus gate selling mask because nobody is allowed to enter court without wearing a mask. So those who don't have mask buy from them. Likewise, at the gate of hospitals, such vendors can be seen selling different items which are normally required by patients or attendants or visitors.

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