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    Facing problems due to some habits created on our own

    Almost all persons around us now possess mobile phones. In one house itself there are more than two to three mobiles in place of one landline phone. Nowadays many people are surrendering the landline phones considering the same as a waste. Let it be. But it is a pity to see that many mobile users do not pick up their mobiles suddenly. Instead, they see the name or number and respond only if they are interested.

    One day I had a doubt whether I have taken my mobile or had kept it in the house itself. I called my younger brother from the phone of a friend of mine who was on the bus with me to enquire about the same. But he did not respond. In the evening, on his return from his office, I asked him why he did not pick up the phone. He casually told that 'I do not attend any calls from unknown numbers, it is my habit'. I kept quiet on hearing this. But yesterday, when waiting for a bus at the bus stop, I received a call from some number. As I normally attend any calls, I attended the call. That was from the Election office to verify our application for Voter ID to the shifted house address. I answered his questions and he told me that the verification was found okay and that I will get the ID card soon. In the evening I asked my brother whether he received any such call for his voter ID. He checked for the missed calls and found the same number nearly ten minutes later to mine. As he did not respond the matter went inactive. Immediately I called that number from my mobile and referred the call of that morning and explained that application of my brother's Voter ID which was given along with mine was to be verified and explained the situation by giving my brother's mobile number. By God's grace, that person was good enough to understand the situation and agreed to verify.

    I think maintaining such habits can create problems at times. What do you say?

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    When there is a phone call it is the minimum courtesy to answer that call. If we are not interested in that call we can tell them that we are busy and we will call them later. But as mentioned by the author, sometimes by not properly responding to the calls, we may miss some opportunities.
    True caller app is very useful in this respect. It will give the name of the caller even though it is not there in your contacts. If it is spam call or suspected spam call also it will be indicated. I have that app on my phone. When the ring comes, the name of the caller will also be displayed. I will see the name and then lift the phone.
    There are many fake calls these days. These are all marketing calls related to real estate or loans. We are getting vexed with these calls and we may not be interested in these calls. So it is better to have a true caller app.

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    Nice post from the author as some decisions taken by us or rigid towards our own habit would give us the bad challenge to which we are alone responsible. My friend his having the bad habit of not lifting any phones other than the known contacts. But once he ordered some dress on line and that was supposed to be delivered before his birthday. And the courier boy who has attempted three times reminder call has returned the parcel to the sender thereby denying the dress for the occasion. I do agree that we are being bothered with unsolicited calls all through the day but we cannot discard some calls which may not be routine but yet has the importance. Moreover when we already initiated a process to which we expect a call, that arrangement has to be remembered and we cannot discard such calls.
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    This usually happens in our lives as we are the slaves of our habits and it is also true that old habits die hard. There are many people who never respond to the unknown number as that sometimes leads to the conversation with a fraudulent person who makes the gullible people fool by his talks and offers and once a person is trapped in that there are good chances to lose money. Anyway we should attend the call and if any doubt just cut it and note for the future that same number is not to be entertained. Some people just save these numbers by assigning them names like cut1, cut2, cut3 ... etc and whenever your phone shows those names do not pick the call or cut it. After some time they will stop or try with other numbers which will also become like cut34, cut35, cut36 ... etc in your phone.
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