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    Increasing numbers of challans for Pollution Under Control Certificate.

    We all know that the Emission that comes out from vehicles can be very dangerous for the environment. Therefore, keeping the safety of the environment in view, the Pollutants Standards have been set, according to which the smoke coming out from the vehicles is spreading the pollution, a test is done to confirm that and the certificate that is issued after this test is called PUC. In the last several months, it is seen near traffic signals and other places that the long line of people is still filling the challans as they do not have PUC. After all, why is it such a big task for people to make a certificate?

    As we know that this rule came into force in September 2019 that from now that PUC would be compulsory. This amendment is being completed for 1 year and 3 months, but still, no awareness has been seen among the people. What could be the reason for this? Don't people give it value or is it negligence of the public?
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    Maybe negligence or carelessness. Many people forget about this test. Mobile test vehicles are there in every part of the State of Telangana and they will test on the spot and give the certificate. Charges are also not high. But people don't care about it. Not that they don't know. But they ignore.
    Yesterday I travelled to Gulbarga in my car to attend a meeting at Gularaga University. While coming back the police stopped the car and asked my driver to show the insurance. The next renewal is on 23rd Jan 2021. He has shown the same and he asked PUC and he has shown that also. The next renewal date is 15th Jan 2021. As I have both certificates valid, he has not charged any penalty. But behind me, there are three cars and all these three cars were not having PUC certificate. The drivers were bargain with the police at the time I started from there.

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    I just cannot understand one fact that the new vehicles either four wheeler or the two wheeler are smoke free variants matching to the needs of BSI and therefore the PUC certificate is not necessary. Moreover there seems to hand in glove with the PUC vans stationed at different locations and the traffic police who simply direct the vehicles to obtain the PUC even though that looks no sense. But no one has the guts to talk against the challan raising cops stationed who simply want to seize the vehicles if the among is not paid for not having the fresh PUC for each vehicle. In Hyderabad so many PUC mobile testing vehicles are stationed at main cross roads which implies that the vehicles would be stopped and sent for having PUC certificate for sure.
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