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    The habit of interrupting never goes away.

    You also must have sometimes met such people around you, in the neighbourhood or perhaps in your own house, or in the office or in a group of friends, whose basic nature is to interrupt. I know some such people, who have to give their opinion in every matter and every time and even if the other person tries to ignore them and want to do work in peace, such people will still continue to interrupt.

    People often run away from such people because no one likes to be interrupted unnecessarily. But the problem comes when such people are your close ones and you cannot run away from them, for example in your office, where you have to go to work every day or a member in your own house.

    Then in this situation, the best and simplest solution is to give a beautiful and peaceful smile to such people and get busy with your work again. Members, what do you think about this? Do you also know any such interrupters? What is your experience, please share?

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    If I happen to deal with such people in my relatives or friends etc then either I ignore them or involve myself in any work or try to change the topic. If this person is not close to me I may ask him not to interrupt me or I shall openly say to him to shut his mouth. I don't want to tolerate such people.
    The most important thing is that we should also not do this kind of wrong actions. I don't like to interfere with others. If I see any person does not wants to talk but for the sake of respect or manners he is unable to open his mouth to say this, then I leave him alone because If I am in the same situation then I wouldn't like to be disturbed by anybody.

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    Many people will have this habit. They will give unnecessary suggestions even though we have not asked them. When we are discussing something, they will come between and start talking about the subject without knowing the complete issue and the subject. Sometimes we get irritated when we hear such people. If it is in the office, I will never allow people to participate in discussions which are not related to them. But sometimes some friends and relatives do this type of involvement which I never encourage.
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