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    What are major differences you find between these two epics?

    Ramayana and Mahabharata are two great epics of the Hindu religion. Great scholars of the past have described that there no other things in the world that can teach us all facets of life like Ramayana and Mahabharat. They teach us how a human being can mold himself to be a good person, how a person to be honest and when to show aggression, how to show kindness towards others, showing respect to elders, etc. What are the major differences you find between these two epics? According to you what good things they teach us?
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    Lord Rama lived his life like a man and He never mentioned anywhere that He is a God. He lived his life like a normal human being and shown the people how a human being has to live on this earth. Ramayan explains to us the importance of human relations. How a person should behave himself with his father, mother, wife. brother, sister and other relations. What is true friendship and who is the true disciple are also explained in this epic? For a king, the welfare of his kingdom and the people is more important than his family. This fact is established in this epic. Another point proved in this be an example for others. Follow yourselves before preaching others.
    Lord Krishna in Mahabharata many time s shown the people that he is the GOD. He proved that God will help only good people by extending his help to Pandavas and seeing that they will get back their kingdom. He himself showed the people that He is the God. He taught Bhagavad Gits, in which He told Arjuna that he is the supreme. The nation is more important than anything else. This was proved in this also by showing Dhrutaratra as a biased man towards Drutharastra and his love for his son only caused the war.

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