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    Do you use listen to Radio programs even today?

    In my childhood, Radio was the only source of entertainment in the house. When I was very small, we used to have an ECKO brand radio made by Britain. At that time, to renew the license for the radio, the customers had to pay Rs 10 or 20 annually to the postal department. Later this renewal of the license was stopped. After that, we bought a big Bush company radio and it worked for many years. To receive signals of the station we used to have a long copper mesh aerial that had to be hung outside or inside the house. I used to listen to commentary on cricket matches, film songs, dramas, audio movies, news etc. on the radio. Later Vividhbharathi came and it increased the importance of radio sets. By that time battery run transistors became popular. We bought Philips transistor for our home. I bought a pocket transistor when I joined a job at the beginning. Once the TV entered into our life the Radio slowly faded away. But now and then I like to switch on the radio on my mobile. Members, what are your experiences with the radio?

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    These days Radios are not in use. There are no separate radios in many houses these days. In my TV we have some radio channels also. If we want we can hear on that TV. I have a system in my car where I can hear local radio channels.
    In my childhood, only one house in our village had a Radio. it was very big in size. We used to call that landlady as Radio Aunty. Later on, our grandfather purchased a radio made of NELCO. It is almost like a portable TV. The first transistor in our house was Murphy. Later on, we purchased SONI 2 in 1. Tape recorder cum Radio.
    But slowly the use of Radios came down and all people started using TVs. Now we will not have any house without a TV. All are having TVs and no separate Radios. But in vehicles, all are having systems in which FM radios are audible.

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    I still remember in my childhood time i used to hear radio and songs played with cassettes. Even i used to record songs on the cassette and when i hear it now i cant stop my laughter. But still it was a golden time. To be honest now i dont even see TV as everything you need is available in your mobile. You just name which favorite things you wish to see it will be infront of you in no time. So time has changes and with time people should also develop and grow.

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    The only instrument for the entertainment prior to 1983, was a radio set. It provided a lot of entertainment channels since Vividh Bharati, Radio Cylon were quite popular those days. Mr Amin Sayani of Radio Cylon had been the quite popular for his amazing voice. News appearing on the radio set originating from All India Radio was my favourite plateform. I had a Murphy set and for the distortion free sound, it had an areal of copper wire tied inside the upper portion of the wall.
    Later transistor came up with different variants and I have used a transistor made by NALCO consisting of three bands in the year 1973 and it provided its excellent service till 1984, when the same was replaced by a coloured TV made by Sony and there is no one in the family to use all these redundant sets.

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    Radio was the most popular source of entertainment and pastime. We had Murphy and Philips radio sets in our home. My father and elder brothers were fond of listening to BBC Urdu and Hindi services. This news programe was known as absolutely authentic. Radio used to be switched on around 7.30 p.m. and continued till 9.30 p.m. Akashwani was also popular. Time has changed now radio is almost gone from our homes, however, F.M. radio has revived the use of radio up to some extent. Generally, people listen to F.M. radio stations on their mobile phones only. I hardly see anybody using a radio set now.

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    Except Vividh Bharathi for the old Hindi Song, I would not listen to the radio at all, Some times the rainbow FM would be tuned for getting the flash news hourly. What I feel that the so called modern FM channels are too much loaded with new songs and old songs are not cared. And the radio channels also fail to get notice the popular songs of South India and thus concentrating of one language song has no takers. But gone are the days when I used to hear the Binaca Geeth Mala from the Radio Ceylon and even the old Tamil songs on the Ilangai channel was so enchanting and they would play the good old songs.
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    Good question by the author. Nowadays many houses have no radios at all. In some houses we can have transistors. Further we have FM radio in mobiles. But as for as FM concerned the continuous talking is some what boring. I use to listen Carnatic Music in radio FM of AIR in the evening only through my mobile.

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