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    Godmen and their influence in society

    It is true that almost every people in the world believe in God, no matter which religion they are in. But even after being a believer, I am totally against the so-called godmen who are claiming that they have a superior power which none of the common people possesses. They claim they can directly interact with god and even heal the sick people with their abilities. A human can be a religious teacher who can spread his beliefs through words but he cannot be an intermediate between humans and the Creator. But nowadays it is clearly visible that these godmen have a huge influence in our society and many have their own motive which is basically money. So I just wanted to know the opinion of everyone on whether you guys believe in such people as there are plenty of fraudulent activities being done just by making use of people's fear of God.

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    The concept of godmen comes from superstition. No human being can be a godman. God is One. But now we see many people who claim to have kind of super powers like to be called as godmen. If healing a patient is the criterion of being a godman then every doctor should be considered a godman and if showing some strange trick or thing makes a person as a godman then every scientist should be a godman who invented some new things or a magician who can startle everyone by his talent can be called a godman.
    People can be good human with extraordinary qualities. I respect such food people.

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    Surely some Godmen of this country were also tantrik and by virtue of it they gained lots of patronage and acceptance in the political and also the society. One such person was Chandraswamy who was so close to the former PM Indira Gandhi and even the election candidates are decided with the discussion with him. There was another Godman called Puttaparthi Saibaba who had national and Internatinal deciples and many leaders used to queue him for the darshan and advise. So Godmen have been making influence in the politics and society and it all depends on sustained presence with the parties concerned.
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    @ K.Mohan: I have heard that Chandraswami had good relations with P.V.Narimsha Rao, but you have written that he was close to Indra Gandhi. Are you sure?

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    I was searching for the meaning of the term Godmen and couldn't understand what exactly is meant by the term. Somewhere the term refers to a holy man, somewhere it says persons with extraordinary powers to influence various activities, at another place, it says a person with the stature of demigod, etc. One thing is clear and that is the term Godmen has a connection with religion and God. We are influenced by certain activities of people which we neither can imagine nor think is possible by a normal human being. Most of the people have an inclination towards knowing what is going to happen in future or what happened in the past and they try to find out the connection between species and God. Persons who can influence others in the way of their activities or knowledge to find out the connection between the species and God gains a lot of popularity and if such persons take undue advantage by cheating people then there is a lot of noise everywhere. The problem starts when the fear of God or religion is instilled in our minds. If you are not fearful, I don't think there is a reason to worry. If fear takes over faith then it may create a lot of problems. If you believe in God I think you are referring to faith and not fear. If you believe in God, fearing something unwanted things will occur with you then it will be very easy to cheat you.

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    Who is a Godman and who made him? We are only making them Godmen. There are some people who do special poojas and be more religious in their actions. They can be good preachers. They can guide a common man regarding the way he can perform prayer or how he should conduct himself. We can consider him as our Guru but nor as God. But many people follow such preachers and worship them as Gods. Here only the problem is getting started.
    Godmen are also human beings. They will also have desires and wished. If many people start prizing them they behave definitely in a different way. A common man should know where to start and where to stop.
    I heard that some people say that they can cure diseases in big gathering and they use this as a tool for their religion to spread.
    Curing diseases is the subject of a doctor. So there is nothing wrong thinking a doctor as God. But we can't go beyond that and start worshipping him day in and day out.

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