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    One India One Pension : Is it practically possible?

    We all might have heard about "One India One Pension" concept which is to support the elderly people of India to be secure after 60 years of age by providing a pension of Rs. 10,000/-. But there is a huge group of people which is fighting against this and they are mostly politicians and government staffs. According to me its such a beautiful vision for the country and this can eventually improve the overall lifestyle and well being of people. So i would like to hear your views regarding this whether you support of not please do mentioned its reason also. Looking forward for relevant responses.
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    Modi government has been achieving some hard fought decisions in the recent past and one nation one pension can also be made into reality. In fact PM Modi has been stressing need for one nation one pension. Though those who are earning more pension or no pension, there would be mixed responses to this decision because those who are earning handsome amount would be getting less and those who are getting no pension would be hugely benefited. The old citizens should live with dignity at the old age and money would give them the secured feeling of living and happiness all along.
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    No. Not at all possible and feasible. India is the second-largest populated country with a large number of senior citizens both retired from government service and private organizations. Pension is the sum awarded for their work performed. It is 50 percent of their last drawn salary. We should not think about one for one in all aspects of life, especially where money is involved. This is possible only in communist countries.

    Government should consider pension for the hapless senior citizens of our country who have no family to care.

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    Talk of such 'Unification' of financial benefits should always include the politicians -ruling as well as others.
    The politicians in India are enjoying unbelievable benefits. At the same time they all come together to deny even a ten rupee benefit to some ordinary worker or salaried employee.
    So let the things start from politicians and political appointees. Then I shall support it.
    There is a great inequality between political parties, politicians and political appointees one side and the ordinary waged or salaried class or agricultural labourer on the other side.
    This is too much especially in states like Kerala where a PA to a MLA or state minister gets pension for life if he has worked in that position for just two years. MLAs get guaranteed pension on increasing basis as per their completed years or terms. Politicians and political appointees are not barred from getting multiple pension benefits too.
    Let these inequalities be removed first. The MLAs, MPs, etc get benefits and increase by their own decision and will while they deny it to all others or give it with political bias and vote bank.

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    I agree to what Sun has said but even though population is high we can figure out some ways to make this thing practically possible. Government employees and politicians are getting pension for each and every posts that they have worked under rather pension is fair to give to them against their last retired post. Similarly financial experts can find plenty of ways to make this possible but as this is to be made possible by government, how these government staffs will dig their own grave. So its hard to implement not only this but every great vision that are put us will be dumped in out democracy.

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    It is not possible. Many people are not having any employment and working and earning on daily wages. For such people wherefrom pension comes. If the government really wants to give a pension amount of Rs.10.000/- to all such people it is welcome. But people who are getting presently higher amounts may not be open to this proposal. Many government employees are getting higher amounts as a pension. Similarly, as mentioned by many MPs and MLAs, are also may be eligible for higher amounts. Are they going to accept pension amount of just Rs.10000/-
    The recruits even in government service are not having the present pension scheme. My sister got an appointment in AP government. She is not eligible for the pension scheme. They may also get EPF pension only. In such a case, employees may agree with this scheme. The main problem may come with MPs and MLAs only.

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    If a pension amount of Rs 10,000/- per month is extended to all the senior citizens, it should be treated as a welcome move. However, I doubt that this is to be materialised. Certain classes of people such as MLA, MP, executives of Central Government and State Government are getting comfortable amount of pension and they would not like to forgo such a respectable amount in the name of new pension offering them a paltry amount.
    Considering the population of India where the old people are on the increasing trend, it would require a larger fund to be disbursed at the later stage and unless we create a fund separately for the same like EPF, it is not achievable.

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    This issue has been in news for several years. Retired army personnel have been demanding for one rank one pension. They claim that there is a big difference between them and the newly retired army personnel. Since there were retired much before them, so their pension amount much less to their pension amount, however, they were also on the same post/rank. Logically, their claim seems to be logical. Their demand should be heard amicably so that newly retired ones should also not be affected.
    As per above posts Rs 10000/- has been decided for all.

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    Dear, Dr. N. V. Sreenivasa Rao, how can you blindly say that this is not possible without even trying. I dont want any of the government officials who are receiving pension amounts to be reduced let them get as of now. In Kerala old citizens above 60years are getting pension amount of Rs. 1400/-. We dont need to directly go for 10,000 rather start with smaller amount and eliminate all other small pensions and make it a single one. Also if you can reduce the amount of corruption being done in our country then this is not at all a impossible vission.

    Also can anyone please clarify my doubt whether there is any government officials who are watching over all the government transactions being done and how the money of people of India are utilised in proper way. Like there is income tax department for checking tax payers fraud activities is there any agencies to check government funds utilised?

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    Mr. Thomas, there is one " Comptroller and Auditor General of India" which is the authority responsible for the audit of the expenses of the Central and state governments. It is popularly known as the CAG of India.
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