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    The essence of life is to learn and relearn

    If some one claims that he has completed all the studies and mastered over the subject or the sect, he is totally wrong as the education and learning goes a long way and learning is continued process and relearning is the added trait. For example a teacher who does the teaching on daily basis over the years of months of time would be visiting the same lesson again and again but her teaching profess would certainly change as she get more refined and more learning the sub sects and thus her convincing capacity increases and flourishes.
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    I agree with the author that learning is a life long process. It never comes to an end. We should keep on learning to grow as a better human and a more knowledgable person. A teacher who teaches his/her students, the author is right that he/she is refined as a teacher and his or her modus operandi concerning his or her profession keeps on improving every year

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    Yes, one can learn as long as she/he wishes to learn and every day we can learn new things. Learning cannot be confined to books only and just by observing various things we can learn a lot. Learning is a continuous process. New things are evolving regularly and that's why we need to remain updated. Another important aspect of learning is the application of the knowledge we gather. While a teacher is applying her/his knowledge to enlighten the students, others are applying the knowledge in the respective fields. In all these cases, the knowledge is shared and new things evolve. That's the way to progress and there is no end to learn things afresh. One can earn a degree/certificate after clearing the exams required for that but knowledge cannot remain confined in a specific syllabus followed in academics. It can be said that a syllabus or a particular certificate/degree offers a structured way to know in details about the subject but that cannot be the end. There are many aspects of a particular subject and the more we explore our knowledge enhances.

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    Learning process never ends it continues throughout our lives provided you have a passion for it. Just take the example of specialists of Kidney, liver or heart. They are the busy professionals having constraints of timing due to their consultations with a lot of patients in the same day. But still, the need to update their skills with the latest research made in their areas. In that way, their learning would go on till they are in their professionals. However, their involvements and dedications never go in vain. The patients are benifited substantially due to the sheer involvement of the specialists with the latest updates of their knowledges.
    This learning process is not applicable to the doctors alone, it holds good for the scholars, professors and all who are in quest of knowledge.

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    Learning is a continuous process. We may learn new things or revise the old things but we have to be continuous in touch with the things that are required for our routine work as well as for our professional task. Learning is such a thing that there is no end to it. It is like an ocean and even if we take some sips from it there is no change in it as it is still there sprawling to invite us.
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    True. Learning is a continuous process. We start learning from the moment we are on this earth. This will continue till we take our last breath. If somebody thinks that he knows everything, it is foolish. There is no end for our learning. There will be always something to learn always. No end.
    A teacher who teaches a subject will go deep into the subject and improve his/her knowledge further and learns new ways of teaching. My teacher at University used to give very good examples during teaching and those examples were so good that we will never forget. This will come by practice and reading and rereading the subject again and again. A teacher will be getting updated the new developments of the subject he is teaching so that he can teach the students also about the developments.

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    No wonder learning is considered as a lifelong process. I agree with the author. And I think it is great that the author included unlearning also as a lifelong process. Throughout our lives we learn multiple things in our life, in fact at every stage in our life we learn new things but sometimes there exists some things that are encrypted in our mind which are incorrect or sometimes even harmful, these ideas/thoughts should be unlearned immediately. Learning can occur through anyone, it isn't always necessary that you learn things from people you know or respect, it can be a stranger too who makes you learn a beautiful lesson of life someday. A lot of people often are hesitant to unlearn, they feel that they will be judged or maybe they feel superior but the day you agree to unlearn and relearn ideas that are even close to you, that will be the day you realize that you are living your life the way it is supposed to be lived
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