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    How will be the general budget for this year?

    The coming budget is very unique in the sense that India has to recover from the severe battering of nine months, lagging behind of targets and achievements and the expectations of states which have gone from bad to worse due to lock down and pandemic effect from the center. Though the railway's demand is also there for more trains and extra coaches, they are yet to come to normal terms and thus the Railway budget seems to be lackluster. What are your expectations which can be conveyed to the FM before hand?
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    First of all, a clear picture should be there in the budget about the total loss due to the pandemic situation. When you get the total loss, you can plan for recoveries but if there is no valid data it will be difficult to recover the losses. Many projects have stopped because of the situation and yet the situation is not normal. I hope the focus in the upcoming budget should be more on proper healthcare to every individual and generation of job opportunities. For the past few years, we are listening to many proposals and plans from the government regarding the generation of jobs but in reality, unemployment is on the rise. Rather than focusing on complex economic terms and statistics which the common people are least aware of and also not much interested in the government must think of all-round development of the country. Development must reach every corner and nobody should lag behind.

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    Will there be some sops for the middle class we have been battered a lot.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I am hoping that this budget is going to bring many reliefs for lower and middle income group and they will be removed from the list of people having tax hassles as the limit of income for paying tax will be significantly increased. This is required to decrease the unnecessary numbers of the tax payers who are there in the records but not contributing to the revenue and most of them are filing the return because there is a refund due from the Income Tax department.

    Another thing is that GST for daily use items may also come down to give relief to the common people. One thing which Govt may introduce is that those sources where there is no mechanism to deduct TDS, it will also be covered and I have a feeling that the TDS rates may also increase from present 10% to 15 or 20%. That will actually help the big tax payers at the time of final payment and they can very well avoid the interest on late payment of advance tax.
    Apart from that there could be an upward revision of train fares to bring it at a rationalised level to discourage people to wander here and there without any objective. There could also be some special sops for small families in terms of Govt facilities. The Govt may also announce some financial packages for women empowerment.

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    It is very difficult to predict the ladies mind. What is in her (Nirmala Sitaramans) mind is unpredictable. She must be thinking differently than we think of economy of our country. Economists feel that we will reach the 5 trillion target by 2024. Accordingly the budget would be.
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    One thing is sure that it will be a different budget from earlier budgets. The financial position of the country suffered a lot and unemployees in the country increased. Many people lost their jobs and still trying to get them back. So this budget should focus on the reopening of the closed industries due to COVID.
    In almost all the areas there will be a dip in income and expenses will be same if not increased. As such it is a very difficult proposition for the government to meet the expectations of all. So I am not expecting any reduction or discounts in the existing taxes. If they don't increase that will be good for us.
    This budget should concentrate more on how to come out of the disturbances caused by COVID and coming back to normalcy. They should also spell how they are going to attract foreign investment in our country and increase job opportunities. Another issue is to see that entrepreneur from the country are given importance and see that they will come out strongly and create employment to many people directly or indirectly.

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    The farm expects more, the Industries expect lot more and Individuals expect many more.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It's not going to be an easy time for Finance Minister to present a budget which may please all classes because the economy is down, the treasure of government is not so rich as it was in past. Pandemic has affected the country quite badly. GDP is in bad shape, youth is demanding employment, the banking sector is also not healthy, several banks having been merged with other banks have become part of history, these banks are also in trouble by large written off amount, industries which were established in past the government has no option except privatising them. China is standing at borders. Lower and middle-class people are worried about their future. The price hike is still uncurbed. Farmers are protesting. The situation, on the whole, is not very good for F.M.
    In this situation, most important thing is to increase the defence budget because to face China.
    We should not be worried if the budget does not give us much relief. We have to cooperate with the government.

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