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    Why the democratic principles are not respected?

    The way the ousted American President Donald Trump gave a call for his supporters to be there and be wild at the Capitol hills and how they rudely behaved scaling down the walls and the law taking actions against them resulting in few deaths proved that some leaders cannot digest nor respect the principles of democracy. The people gave the verdict in favor of Biden and that must be respected and the power cannot be snatched again through coercion or violence and what ever little respect Trump had across the world has been eroded.
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    For appreciating and enjoying democratic principles there are some prerequisites. One thing is that good governance should be there and corrupt practices are to be nipped in the bud. Second thing is honesty of the purpose. Until these ingredients are there the democratic recipe would not be successful in any country. People will misuse the power and goons will enjoy the scenario where people in position and criminals will be living in a hands in gloves situation. So everything comes down to good governance and honesty in public work. Whenever such leaders emerge people follow them and then only development and progress takes place.
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    Power hungriness is the root cause of all this drama that happened in the USA. This incident gives a warning to all democratic countries in the world to elect a proper person to look after the governance. A person who has the development and welfare of the country and people at his heart. Our Prime Minister lost a good friend.
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    It's all due to right-wing politics where defeat is not tolerated and the rulers use all their stratagem to capture the power. Trump instigated his supporters to create chaos and an atmosphere which entails civil war. This is the ugly face of politics. Political analysts are of opinion that Trump may face may be brought to justice for creating chaos and disorder in the country as well as corruption charges which he has been facing. Also, it is said that he took the help of Russia to win the election.
    Whatever the case is or situation may turn in the US, certainly, he has defamed his country around the globe.

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    There are many people in our country who are respecting the democratic principles but unfortunately some bad elements who have somehow reached at influential positions are not respecting the democratic principles. Until they are there, they will not allow anything happen god to the country and countrymen. The present Govt has a herculean task to identify these bad elements and send them to the jail.
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    What has happened in America is unprecedented and nobody could ever imagine that some people with guns would attack capital hill i.e. parliament of US, in which almost 12 people have died including one security guard. This incident in America will never be forgotten and the way the President has refused to accept the mandate of the people is against the democratic system of governance.
    Some political analysts are discussing if happenings in the US will affect India also.

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    Power hunger is the culprit. A person who wants to be in power will resort to many unethical practices also to keep his seat intact. For them, nothing is more important than power. In a movie, in Telugu, a political leader says he never bothered when his wife left him but he felt a lot when he lost his position in the government. This is true in real life also. They will not have any ethics. They enjoyed the power earlier and they want to enjoy the power forever. The people in politics should not be involved in any controversies. They should be honest. They should not encourage unethical practices. But these days no politician is like that. These politicians when they are in power will earn a lot and they want to continue the same as they will be enjoying the benefits for longer times. They can earn more money and they can enjoy power for a longer time. This is the root cause of all these problems I feel.
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    Like many Indians in India, I was also ridiculing and blaming the American people, esecially the Trump supporters after the recent Presidential elections there.

    But my one-sided views changed when I heard an Indian origin person explaining in a TV channel interview, about the US voting system and the real and genuine concern of Trump supports about the frauds perpetrated in the current voting.
    He explained that their real, democratically allowed, protest was hijacked by certain vested interests and turned into a violent trespass. He doubted the involvement of trained men of some certain group in this by seeing the expertise and ease in scaling the walls of Capitol building. They, and not the real Trump supporters, were the culprits in making all the damages and spoil- he said.

    It was from that channel discussion(interview) that I came to know that in US the voters need not show any ID proof, there is no scrutiny nor signature of voters taken. As the absentee votes(email votes etc) are almost 50 percent this elections, unlike just about ten percent in earlier elections, Trump supporters doubt genuinely that frauds have happened.

    So I think we need more first hand correct information and details to take a clear side in this matter.

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