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    Lighting bulb is an amazing discovery

    The incandescent bulb which produced light by heating the filament has been an amazing discovery by Thomas Alva Edison. With time we got startling innovation in an incandescent bulb. From an incandescent filament bulb to LED lights now, the innovation has provided many benefits to humanity.

    Incandescent filament bulb gives light by heating the filament in the bulb. While the LED bulb produces much light than a filament bulb through diodes. The LED bulb is an energy-efficient and better than an incandescent filament bulb.

    Imagine, for a moment, world without electricity. The entire system in the world will collapse within seconds. The point is lighting bulb has been a great discovery and We must highly appreciate and applaud this discovery!
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    Filament type electric bulb was a great invention and it ruled the world for a long time before the invention of tube lights, CFL, and then LED lights. Being a science student I was always fascinated by the electric bulb. I had seen it during my student life in torch, in my house in different rooms in the values of 25, 40, 60, and 100 watts. We used 100 watts in our reading room but 60 or 40 watts in other places and even 25 watt in bathrooms or small places. It was a costly proposition as compared to the 8 or 10 watt LED bulbs which give almost same light as that of old 60 or 100 watts bulbs. So, one filament bulb invention that time led to so much further development today. LED bulbs are very economical and affect the monthly electricity bills significantly.
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    Without much explanation, I would simply say that the person who invented electricity is GOD. The World will come to stand still if electrons refuse to work.
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    It was really a great invention Of Edison. He gave brightness to the world in darkness.

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    The filament bulb is the great invention for the mankind and we are ever indebted to him. Just imagine the dark nights without lights and how we could have coped up without lights.
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    Thomas Alva Edison had done lots of inventions and out of those the invention of electric buld is the major one as it gave light to the whole world and still electric bulbs are used to get rid of the dark.

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    That is right, today we can not even expect our life without light, this invention of Thomas Alva Edison is a great gift to all mankind in every manner. But it is unfortunate that even today there are some places or houses where light cannot be reached by bulbs or other electric medium and for those people, the medium of light is still candles or lamps.

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    While acknowledging Edison for his invention of the bulb, let us not forget Nikola Tesla who invented the AC current. He is one of those great inventors who had been sidelined due to the mesmerising effect of his mentor. Thomas Edison did invent the bulb but it could be operated only on DC. It was Nikola who conceived and developed AC so that the bulb could burn for hours together. It is another story that Edison was disturbed by the invention of his disciple and did everything to outdo his discovery. And that is why we still remember and commemorate Thomas Alva Edison while being ignorant of Nikola Tesla, without whom we would have remained in the dark today.

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    When there is no way to sent away the darkness, a small match stick will be very useful to you. So those days people might have thanked the person who found out the oil light with a wick. That is how people started working at nights also with some light giving instruments. Then the filament bulb from Alwa Edison is the best invention. From that onwards, many different formats came.
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    Yes, credit goes to Thomas Edition for his discovery to bulb and only his invention caused a total change in thee philosophy of lightening concept. Earlier to this, candle was the solution to provide light on burning the same. Later, lanterns or burning lamps provided the source of light. The culture of using ordinary bulbs got finally replaced by the CFL bulbs which too
    proved the better version and this effected the savings of powers.LED is the latest version appearing in the market sometime in 2015. This variant comes in the range of 3 watt to 20 watt and can be used as per our needs with a lot of saving of power consumption.

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