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    how to overcome sleeping disorder following these simple steps.


    The secret to a good day is ample amount of good sleep. Waking up with
    a good sleep will lead to a better cycle of day to day task that one
    does, whereas when a person wakes up sleep deprived or lack of proper
    and sufficient sleep, he tends to be frizzy and irritated the whole
    Sleep disorders are common in this era, specially in this new
    generation , reasons might be many , but jotting down the steps one
    can follow to cure sleep disorders might help a few. Below are some
    steps you might consider to get a good sleep and a better start to a
    • Make better environment.
    Perfect temperature, bedding and lights are to a better sleep. Setting
    the perfect room can be beneficial for a sound sleep. Your bed should
    feel comfortable to sleep in. The lights in the room should be
    conductive to sleep, having night lamps that sooths the eyes can help
    in curing sleep disorders.

    There are ample number of stress reduction therapies and videos that
    will sooth down your mind. Stress makes it hard to concentrate and
    sleeping peacefully will need a calm and soothing mind. Examples to
    reduction of stress are meditation and breathing techniques and yoga
    • Balanced diet and lot of exercises.
    For having a healthy life and peaceful mind one need to have a
    balanced diet with lots of vegetables and fruits, and lots of water.
    Doing regular exercises and yoga will help in setting up a healthy
    mind which ultimately will help in better sleep.
    • Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bed.
    Caffeine such as Coffee or Tea might feel as a life saver during late
    night stress hours but those are the main enemies for a sound sleep as
    having caffeine and alcohol before bed will lead to lack of sleep.
    Alcohol may have a sedative effect for the first hours after
    consumption, but it can lead to frequent arousals and a non restful
    night's sleep.
    • Wake up at same time regularly.
    Although it might sound relaxing to sleep a little more during
    weekends specially with a hectic week schedule . But if you suffer
    from sleep disorders, you should try to maintain a proper and regular
    sleeping pattern to cure your sleeping disorders.
    • Limit naps.
    Limiting naps at odd times is not always a good option. It is
    important to maintain a proper sleeping pattern and a proper time to
    sleep. Napping can affect quality of night time sleep
    • Avoid Binge eating at late night.
    Late night snacks might be very lucrative but it is very unhealthy
    and can lead to restless mind which will be a barrier in sound sleep ,
    and can lead to irregular sleeping pattern and sleeping disorders.
    • Medication
    If lifestyle changes does not help, consulting doctor and taking
    prescribed medications is the last step for curing the sleeping
    disorder. Keep in mind the ongoing medications and definitely address
    the same to the doctor.

    Lastly Avoid taking medication as it might be helpful now but is
    definitely harmful in the long run. Do exercises and maintain a
    healthy lifestyle for a better start and a kickass day
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    How to have sound sleep may be a big problem for some people. Those who have become patients of lacking in slèep are to take medicine to sleep. Sound sleep is necessary for sound health of body and mind. I think those who do physical work they don't face this problem. When I was in Lucknow I had to go early morning for my duty and on the way I used to see rickshaw-pullers asleep on their rickshaw. Their legs would be lying on their driver's seat whereas upper body would lie on passenger's seat. They had sound sleep because they got tired after pulling their rickshaws.

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    Many people suffer from this disorder. They will not have sound sleep. They will be getting up in between, They are not able to have a continuous sleep. For such people, this thread is good and gives good information. The author can consider making a little more elaborative and submit as an article.
    Many people say if we drink coffee or tea before we go to bed we may not be able to sleep properly. But my personal experience is different. Whenever I drink coffee or tea before going to bed, I will have an undisturbed sleep. This is observed many times.
    I drink buttermilk or coffee or tea. When I take buttermilk I may get up 3 times in between but when I take any one of the other two I will get up only once.

    always confident

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    The tips offered by the author may be helpful to many people having deprived of normal sleep. This disturbance is related to our erratic life style, not observing a routined life or due to excess indulgence with electronic products. The electromagnetic waves emanating from such gadgets may spoil our sleeping pattern. Sleep cycle demands regularities in our life. If going to bed regularly in a specified time, sleep cycle will remain maintained.
    Sleeping pills are to be avoided since this will make your body accustomed to such a medicine and it will be rather difficult to give up such a bad habit. However, taking half teaspoon of Aswagandha powder along with warm milk prior to going to bed would prove to the best sedative producing sound sleep if the pattern of sleep is distorted.

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    Nice post by the author though he had an option to even write an article with so much material on the subject. Anyway, sleep is a very important thing and it should be treated as a priority in our life. That does not mean that we should sleep for long hours. Sleep can be for a smaller period also but it should be sound and free from disturbances. A good sleep can do magic to our activity levels and is a great rejuvenator. There are many methods to get a good and sound sleep but primary thing in my opinion is that if a person remains busy and creative during the day time then there are good chances that he will get a good sleep during the night.
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    The author has well pointed out tips for having good sleep and sleep disorders lead to fatigue and go slow attitude on the next day. It is the fact that the infants has to sleep for 22 hours a day and the more they sleep they would grow faster. The teenage and youth would sleep for at least 10 to 12 years and the elders just sleep for 6 to 8 hours depending on their day work and how busy they keep the body. One thing is sure that who are good at sleep and if that comes within seconds of their lying down, that indicates their all parameters of health and body are working with ease and good.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I will not say anything about the topic discussed in the thread and would like to suggest the author read the Forum Posting Guidelines. The title of the thread began with lowercase and the very first sentence is in all uppercase. This must be avoided. As many members have already suggested, this post can be converted to an article and I am sure the author will think of this suggestion.

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    Very helpful tips are provided by the author. Good sleep is one of the most precious things in life and if we do not get the right amount at the right time, then many related diseases surround it. Stress also creates a problem in the absence of good sleep. The mobile phone is also a major reason for the problem of sleep in today's life. Throughout the day, people stay busy on the phone and often watch the mobile for hours before going to sleep at night. Due to which the problem of not getting proper sleep starts.

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    Now there are special evening clinics which are open to address the sleeping disorders for the IT professionals who spend lots of time in the day and night and not caring to give the best time for the sound sleep. And those who have intense work schedule and more tensions in the work sphere, they seldom get the chance to sleep well and thus sleep disorder clinics making hay while the sunshine. One thing is sure, good sleep is the indication of our normalcy in the health and that is enough to keep fit. Those who discard the sleep for other works then they are compromising their health for sure.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I firmly agree that sleep is the most important thing in our daily routine and even a one day sleep disorder will ruin our day as it would affect out faculties and our performance and our focus will go down significantly. I had problem of sleep during my post graduation which was probably due to the study pressure and it made my life much disturbed and I was not able to decide as what to do for that. The doctor suggested to take rest and attain calm of mind and prescribed some medication also. But it did not help much. Once the exams were over the sleep pattern became normal.
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    I disagree with the tip that we should not take caffeine or alcohol before going to bed. Coffee before going to bed invites good sleep. Tea is to keep you awake, coffee is to take you to sleep. Therefore we take tea early in the morning and take coffee after dinner. Alcohol also makes us go to a long sleep. It is my experience.
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