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    Impressive benefits of carrot on health.

    Carrots are root vegetable that were first grown in Afghanistan, orange is mainly their best-known colour, however you will be shocked to know that they come in purple, red, yellow, and white. However, they may slightly taste different depending on their colour and size.


    Carrots are a great source of beta carotene, vitamin K1, Fibber, potassium, and antioxidants. One serving of carrot is precisely half a cup and that contains up to 25 calories, 6 gm of carbohydrate, 2gm of fibre, o.5 grams of protein, all that in only 1 serving of carrot. Carrots are also a kind source of important vitamins and minerals. A serving can fulfil 73% of your body's requirement of Vitamin A. 9% of your daily vitamin K, 8% of your daily Potassium and fibre and up to, 5% and 2% of your daily vitamin C, Calcium an Iron. Carrots also have a wealth of Antioxidants that are useful in numerous ways.

    Good for eyes and Bones.

    Carrots are known to have a super power, they are rich in beta carotene, which is a compound that goes to your body and your body changes it to, Vitamin A, which intern keeps your eyes healthy. Beta Carotene also act as a shield for your eyes from the sun, it is also believed that it lowers your chances of cataracts and plenty of other eyes problems, yellow carrots contains lutein which is believed to help with age related macular degeneration, that is known as a leading cause of vision loss in many countries. As mentioned earlier, carrots are abundant in calcium and vitamin K which we all are aware how important it is for our bone health specially Vitamin K, helps in maintaining our bone density.

    Lower the risk of Cancer and helps your heart.

    As mentioned above, carrots contain Antioxidants and they are believed and being proved to fight off harmful, free radicals in your body and those harmful free radicals are the main reasons of cancer which makes you a lot less likely to have cancer, Carrots mainly contain 2 antioxidants, carotenoids, which give carrots their yellow and orange colour and another is Anthocyanins which are responsible for their red and purple colouring, these anti-oxidants are also very good for maintaining your heart health, as it keeps your heart cleaner in many ways . Potassium are also in abundant in carrots that can help keep your blood pressure in check, and we all know how high blood pressure affects our heart, also they have fibre which helps you maintain a healthy weight which in turn lowers your chances of heart disease. Red carrots have lycopene which is also believed to help prevent disease.


    People with diabetes have a lot of restrictions when it comes to their diet however, doctors often suggests them to consume, certain carrots in certain amounts, why? Because people with diabetes are advised to load up, non-starchy vegetables and carrots are believed to be on of the leading non starchy vegetable. The fibre content in carrots is high which help keep they blood sugar level under control. Also, they are filled with vitamin A and the magnificent Beta Carotene which is proven to lower your diabetes risk. Hence carrots are not just to control diabetes but also prevent it.


    Strengthening our immune system, have become one of the most important things to do right now and to actually make it work including carrots in our diet can be a great option. Carrots are known to have vitamin C and Vitamin C is known to build antibodies in your body which in turn contributes as well as defends your immune system. Vitamin C also helps the body to take in and use iron and prevent infection.
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    Thanks for this long post. Carrots are good for eyes it is well known to all. Doctors also suggest that vision is protected and improved by consumption of carrots. But despite knowing its benefits many people don't like to take it.

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    Invariably we include carrots in daily food as dry fried curry or we put the carrots in the sambar to give the best flavor and have good tasty to digest and grow. Carrots are good for the health and especially those who have poor vision, they have every chance of improving the same. And the carrots are those vegetables which can taken as raw and also as juice which builds our immune system. A carrot a day keeps the doctor away. There is a long variety of carrot which called gajar and that is used to make the sweet dish and most of the hotels have this sweet dish ready at all time.
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    Nice thread by the author. Carrots are available more these days and their benefits are always there. Carrot is a favorite of many people as it is more preferred as a sweet dish called carrot's halwa besides vegetables. Apart from this, carrots are also important in salads. As the author pointed out, carrots have many benefits - its biggest benefit is also for long and healthy hair. Carrot juice is not very tasty to drink, but it has many benefits. Due to vitamin A, it is beneficial for eyesight, so children who start wearing glasses at an early age must necessarily feed carrots.

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    Carrot is good food and healthy food. The author has mentioned in details the positives of earing carrot. Eating a carrot every day will definitely improve the immune system and give you the strength. So we should consume some carrots and we should see that our children will also eat carrots. The author should consider converting this post into an article. All the best to him.
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    The author has highlighted a number of benifits of carrots which if taken raw or otherwise would provide you all the essential nutrients to keep the body healthy and fit. It contains vitamin A,, Vitamin B and Vitamin C and a lot of minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium etc to nourish the body. Whenever there is the season for this variants, it needs to be consumed liberally in any form either in the preparation of the vegetables or to give tangy flavours to sambar.
    Doctors are recommending this vegetables for strengthening the eye sight due to its rich content of Vitamin A. Because of fibrous nature of the carrot, it arrests the erratic surge of sugar level. Presence of Vitamin K coupled with abundant calcium would be benificial for bones. Unlike the other vegetables, it is the store of antioxidants and vitamins.

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    This is a very informative post about the benefits of carrot. There are many vegetables which are power packed with nutrients and other beneficial constituents. Spinach, Onion, Bottle gourd, Turnip, Beetroot etc are example of it. Health conscious people generally go for these type of vegetables in their daily foods. It is advisable that we should use such natural ingredients in our food.
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    Very informative post by the author. Carrot is well known for its vitamins and other minerals and is supposed to be good for the eyes. This is a very common ingredient in our salads and meals in various forms. In winter season the sweet carrot pudding known as 'Gajar ka Haluva' is made which is a very tasty and healthy recipe and is very common especially in the Northern part of the country though it is available in big sweet shops across the whole of the country.
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