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    Are these fake videos?

    A video is being viraled on YouTube. I can't say if it is authentic. In this video US President Donald Trump is shown sitting on his chair. He is facing the camera and addressing the people. Then four security personnel come and push his table and his chair away from his office. He has been speaking to them while still riding on his chair and then he is left outside of the main building of the white house. Thumbnail of this video reads 'Donald Trump evicted from the white house'. In another similar video he is shown lying on the floor and a man is almost dragging him on the floor.
    Does anybody know about the authenticity of these videos?
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    I think these are fake videos because there is no such news on CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera.

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    The video is a television comedy show. It is called "The President Show". All the characters are actors.
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    You are right. But how they have created these videos any person can be deceived at the casual glance.

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    These days "Youtube" is full of videos spreading false news. The video in question is a comedy video. If such a video were to be produced in our country, I do not know what will happen to the producer and actors. Our country has forgotten to laugh heartily. The politicians and celebrities should learn to laugh at such videos.
    Do not believe that looks and sounds suspicious. Check it for authenticity.

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    These days many videos are fake only and we can't take them authenticated. Many news on social media is also fake only. We should not take them as correct. From yesterday onwards we are seeing a piece of news stating that a senior actor of Tollywood and a BJP Ex-MP Krishnam Raju is appointed as the Governor of Tamilnadu. But the same is not there on any news channels.
    This said video I have also seen and my son told me about 'The President Show'. If we don't know this, at least till we get the confirmed news we will be in a doubt only about these fake news.

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    Whether it is a fake video or the real one, what ever is happening is the shame thing for entire US ad and the world is laughing at those who incited violence and then advise the, to keep calm. The US once known as super power and boss over other countries for even small violence has now erred and their own people are not respecting the law, the democracy and above all the wrong doers are having the hay say in the violence which resulted in four deaths so far. One thing is sure the people have given the decisive mandate and that need to be respected and safeguarded without giving trouble to the Biden Govt.
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    There are a large number of fake videos in circulation and there is no agency which can check them or remove them from the circulation. There is no monitoring of that. Of course it might not be feasible to do so also. These fake videos can be categorised in some ways like videos which are made for fun and mimicry, videos which are made to mislead people and common masses and have some evil agenda, videos which are made to spread hate among communities, videos which are made to promote some hidden agenda etc. We should be vey careful and should block or ignore all such channels which are doing so. Some of them are attracting a good traffic and have a following also. It is a trap. If possible report them for abuse. As a good citizen we should condemn them by reporting online.
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    Everything on the internet is not truth. As you tube pay for uploading videos so people upload such videos to get clicks and to get paid. You can see lots of vulgar videos of actors on the internet which are fake . They have just cropped the face of an actor/actress. I cannot believe if US president can get such a treatment and videos may get viral. One can report such videos and if found against the guidelines then they may be deleted from there.

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    Agree, it is true that nowadays many Videos and news become viral through various mediums of social media, in which how many can be true or fake, no one can guarantee it. YouTube is a big source of income for YouTubers in today's time and these people keep uploading such videos to increase their views etc.
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    Arafat, why this query when we know the ground reality. You know, and we too, that it is a fake video or a show created with a purpose. So why discuss?
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    @Saji Ganesh: You are right. I confess my mistake. Sorry.

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