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    The lesson we have learn from a mirror

    There are many things we have to learn from others. In this line we can learn something even from things which we use daily. Accordingly we can learn three points mainly from mirror which we use daily.
    read in one book about this in the form of story. Once an old woman often looking a mirror in her hand. Astonished grand daughter asked what she was looking. For this the old lady explains as:
    Though we can learn many things from this mirror, three main things are there. They are 1)When we see mirror it shows the flaw in our face. But it shoes to the extent of flaw only. Similarly we have to point out others' flaw only to the extent but no way we should exaggerate.
    2)Mirror will show our flaws only when we see that. But when we move out it will not show. Similar to that we can show the flaws found in our persons only to them and not in their behind or absence.
    3)When the mirror shows out the flaws in us we will try to correct and not threw out the mirror or anger on it. Similar to it,whenever others pointing our our flaws we should try to correct but not fight with them or hate them.
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    Mirror is the exact replica of our live life standing in front of it and thus what ever we see over the face is the reality and that would reflect and we ourselves get baffled over the happenings which is noticed on the face. A mirror would not lie. Though we may have the age defying creams to lessen the wrinkles on the face but the fact remains that we are getting aged and the vision is going weak and there fore the mirror tells the real us that should be corrected and regarded. And the broken mirror should not be kept in the house as it leads to more confidence presence of wrong omens.
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    A very good thread has been posted by the author. We try to remove our flaws which are seen only in front of the mirror, and in the same way, we should also remove the flaws of others and not the people. Many spend time in front of the mirror, but perhaps do not test themselves so closely as the author has told. But the mirror can only tell us about our outer flaws and goodies, while we need to look into ourselves for the good and flaws of the inner. The day when we found our inner flaws and start to work on them, we will find ourselves as a good human being.

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    A good moral story. We should focus on what we are instead of focussing on other people. We should introspect our flaws , instead of others. When the mirror begins to show us signs of aging we should also start changing our style, way of living and interacting with people. If the mirror does not teach us to grow and getting matured, then we are not serious about any moral from any such stories as mentioned in the opening post.

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    Very nice post. Understand your own mistakes and try to rectify them. After getting corrected ourselves we can think of others. But we always do the reverse. We will forget our shortcomings and discuss more about other person's mistakes.
    If you are really interested about the welfare of the other person you should talk to him separately and give a piece of your mind to him. Instead we always discuss about other person in his absence. This is very bad and one should never attempt such actions.

    We have no right to discuss about another person in his absence with a third person. That third person may convey this message to somebody else in a different way and creat unwanted tensions and enmity. If some body tell you something about don't go defending you. Understand his view and try to rectify yourselves so that you will be an improved person.

    always confident

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