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    Acheive the least important task first, that will lead to great confidence

    In a work place or office the works are designated as mere task free, mere responsible and more concerned towards a particular task or goal and some are more critical to which team of workers need to attend and then solve the problems. By achieving the lesser important tasks you are giving yourself a pat and also increasing the self confidence quotient to the next level and thus the learning would be complete and happening. Those small happiness of every ordinary success would create importance to work hard and smart.
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    The suggestion of the author is practical. Mostly it works. When a person takes the easiest task or assignment or responsibility in his hands to perform and easily completes it, then his confidence is built up. Then he can take a harder one, in this way he goes up in ascending order and his self-confidence keeps on growing. It's a good technique to venture out any series of responsibilities or works. But the side effect is quite dangerous because if a person fails while performing the easiest job or work all his self-confidence changes into the garbage. His self-confidence and performing abilities may get collapsed. But If he takes the hardest work in his hands In priority and he fails in doing it his self-confidence remains intact or suppose he completes his task successfully, his self-confidence goes on top. Afterwards, all his teammates will follow or emulate him because he has performed the toughest task successfully.

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    By initiating a lesser risk task we are proving to settle the issue and that paves for greater confidence.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    No work is small and no work is big, it is our mind set that we think so. I have seen in some Govt organisations that the file or paper will remain on the table or desk of the employee and until the peon comes it will not move from one table to other. So peon becomes the most important person on Earth and the gullible customer will catch him and tell that Bhaiya, please take my paper from some place to the officer for approval. Peon may oblige and paper would move faster. Nowadays no peons are there and people are doing this job themselves but in earlier times it was thought to be a menial job and only when peon comes back after completing some other work then the paper would move from one place to other. So in the present environment people are learning to attend to do small jobs also themselves and that is a good sign.
    Knowledge is power.

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    When we are thinking of doing many works, then some of the important work should be done first because the confidence that comes in after doing it increases our work capacity. I still remember when I was in school, this was the way to do my homework, at first I used to complete the work on the subject which I found more difficult than other and after that, the mind becomes slightly relaxed, due to which the rest of the work is completed easily with more capacities in less time. The way of working is different from person to person and they should complete their tasks one by one in the same way. Many times, on the advice of others, according to them, they try to change their way of editing and increase their work with work pressure as well.

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    This is a very common approach anybody wanted to be successful will adopt. Six Sigma concept is being practiced my many industries and in this concept they talk about low lying fruits concept. When we go near a tree to pluck fruits or flowers first we will pluck the low lying one only as we reach them very easily. Then we will go for the fruits which requires additional efforts to pluck.
    When there are multiple works in hand, the workers that can be completed easily should be tried. But if there are some works which are to be initiated immediately should be initiated even though it takes more time for the end result. When we are successful in some works we will get extra enthusiasm to go ahead with other works. So attempting easy works is the best way always.

    always confident

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