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    What about average students getting a job?

    When ever the campus interview happens, the main target of the company and recruiting agencies is to go for the top ranker of the class and they even select the second best lots among the students who have scored 70 percent and above. But there are students in the same class who are average students and could not score huge marks, However those average students are also capable of learning and doing as the freshers job as suggested. But unfortunately no company wants to take high risk of giving employment to average students.
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    Companies want to induct the best students for their companies. Intelligent students can be proven good employees for their business establishments. But it doesn't mean that average students will not get the job but they will have to work hard for getting a suitable placement in good company. If they improve their rank in their respective classes before facing visiting companies they will also be selected on the spot.

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    I don't think rank or marks count so much in a campus interview. Companies select students who prove themselves. No campus interview would be based on marks, it is how the candidates perform in the interview that matters. So, an average student also might get selected outdoing the rank holders if he is capable. It is one's knowledge about the subject and his ability to put it into practice that actally matters.
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    Though in topmost engineering colleges, the authorities invite the employers for the recruitment of fresh engineers whose results for the final year is still pending. The employers would like to assess the potential of the candidates relating to their subjects grasp and their general intelligence. The patern of interviews lasts even for an hour for the aspirants showing their outstanding performance. Hence the recruiters take every step to know the capability of individuals with a long session of the interview.
    Though impressive marks of the semesters are not desirable but there is minimum cut off marks say 65 percent to be included in the final list of selection. Candidates would do well in such interviews provided they are not nervous during the process of campus selections.

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    I feel there is no relation with marks to get a job. When they advertise for a job the minimum required percentage in the required qualification will be given. Once you get that percentage your performance in the written test, group discussion and interview will only contribute for your selection.
    There are some government jobs which will be given on the basis of marks, an average student may not get selected. But if the student is having other skills like good communication skills, general knowledge and reasoning etc., there will not be any problem in writing the exam, participating in GD and communicate. Once he fares well he may get selected.

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    I have seen that it is the average students who get jobs easily. They may not be getting the campus recruitment jobs, but outside there are large space or them. As they very well know that they are not top rankers, they keep their demands realistic, put focus and efforts in their work so that they do not become back benchers like their academic years. Hence many such 'average ' students have become very successful in their careers and even climbed up the ladder than the so-called top rankers with them.

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    As per my understanding there is no relation between marks and selection for a job. Selection for a job totally depends about how the person presents him/herself in the interview, how much he/she is able to convince the interviewer. I have given lots of interviews and I have never been asked about the academics in the interview they have just asked some basic things. Very important thing is comunication skills which is the main criteria of the selection.

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    It is true that knowledge does not have much relation with a percentage but still, there are many national companies who fix a criterion before the interview. But this method is not appropriate as it has often been seen that some students give better performance and have a good knowledge and experience whereas marks in their theory exams are not able to bring as much as the campus needs. However, there are many companies that allow an interview process to all students and then hire them based on their knowledge. If a person has capability then he/she must find the right path of the career.

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    Wherever marks are the criterion for selection, the average students have no chance for getting selected. That is a fact of life and we all know that. At the same time these average students sometimes do very good in the open competitions like IAS or other similar ones and get a good position. So, there are many other opportunity also for the average students and they can do hard work for getting selected in those avenues.
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    Just because a student did not score much does not mean that he is an average student. He is average only from the point of view of the academic exam. It is also possible that his understanding of the subjects may be better than many high scoring students but somehow he could not prepare well from the examination point of view. So, such students though we call them as average, are in fact better than the high scoring ones and may become more successful in their lives though when they do not get a good job in a private company we all pity on them.
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