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    Do we take the politicians seriously?

    By looking at the crowd in the meeting of a political party or their processions one may try to guess the strength of a political party but in reality, is it so? Earlier, I have mentioned in many replies and posts that many people do not like the attitude of the politicians and in general, there is an aversion towards politics and politicians yet, we vote. The same thing is repeated year after year and we all know that many times the overactive candidates during the election are not even visible in the constituency after the results are out. People have tried every political party and their activities are almost like a routine. People cannot trust a politician/political party so easily nowadays. We listen to debates on various programs on television where politicians take part and at times we all laugh at their activities. Do we really take politicians seriously and vote for a particular party or is it just because we are duty-bound we stand in the queue to cast our votes? At times, politicians of every political party become a laughing stock due to certain comment or activities and it is natural for us to think that these are common incidents these days. Are we really serious when it comes to deciding on politicians/political parties to represent us?
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    I don't like politicians, however, some politicians are good in my sight. We can do nothing once they are elected. They are servants of people before elections but after elections they are kings and princes.
    Some people are too much serious about politicians. We vote in elections because we are bound to vote as staying away from elections is not good as a citizen. We are responsible for electing a good candidate, no matter whether the candidate who did we vote for win or lose. It us the part of the event.
    As far as huge crowd in election rallies is concerned, all of them can't be supporters of the candidate who is contesting election from a particular constituency. Mostly participants in rallies are hired for money or drink etc. Sometimes, people come just for fun. Some people come to see helicopter or if any actor us coming in rally, then most of people go to see the actor.
    Those who are hired are paid Rs 300 or more. Main responsible person whom you may call a contactor for mobilising people are paid handsome amount as well as liquor.
    After all, election is a big business which requires huge investment. Once a candidate wins election all expenses which were incurred in elections will get recuperated soon.

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    There are two main paths to go up the ladder of career. First is the academic one by studying and competing in an exam and get a good position in an organisation and then grow up with time and merit. The second is through social work and political work through which also one can carve a career slowly but competition is also there may be almost equal or more than the academic path. Ambitious people sometimes get a break and take advantage of the opportunity and rise in their lives whichever path it may be.

    If the politicians are honest and sincere then they can control the administrative machinery and eradicate the menace of corruption from it. Unfortunately it does not happen or at least has not happened so far in our country and some of the politicians have made the administrative machinery a continuous source of ill earned money for them. The administrative machinery is also happy that if something happens or enquiry is done then the politicians will protect them. So this is a hand in glove situation.

    Under this scenario one can take them seriously or not is a matter of individual perception.

    Knowledge is power.

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    i do not think that the politicians are taken seriously by the people because I can reason it with many examples. First of all the voting percentage in any elections stands between 55 to 60 percent and that proves that 40 percent voters are not caring the very democracy or the parties or the candidates associated with the process. And in that 60 percent voting half of them are induced with money and larges and thus they have not voted with liking of the candidate but for the sops given by him. And the remaining half felt that it is their compulsion to vote citing the democratic rights but they have no say nor demand any thing from the candidate. Thus the hopeless politicians are getting elected again and again and those who want to perform are not given the ticket for obvious reasons that once won the looting spree is more and encouraging.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The politician is a post and there is a person behind this post. Many times we saw people behind this post is corrupted but we can not say it would always be the same. If we talk about the current situation, yes we can say that approximately all politicians do not fulfill their duties and never delivered promises which were made by them during the election. A big change needs to be there in the polity system which stops these fake people from playing with the emotions and trust of the public.

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    These days nobody is caring about these politicians and politicians are not caring for people. Politicians will come to people only when they require votes from them. People who want help from these politicians will go to them and try to see that their works will be completed. But politicians will not respond to all. They respond only to the people who can pull more voters to his side.
    But middle-class people and who mind their duty and family always never bother about the politicians. We know that they never care for us. We may vote or may not vote. As such we will never be useful to them. That is why they never give a soft hearing to our problems and we also will never think about them because they are of no use to us. It is true irrespective of party or candidate.

    always confident

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