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    What a dimension of item being sold online!

    Yesterday, I was attracted by a very simple item available at Amazon. It is nothing but a standard two in one cutlery (spoon and fork). It is available in a set of six pieces. It costs Rs. 249/-. When I went through the details of the item, I was astonished to see its dimension written as 12 x12 x 12 cm. It means Length12 cm, Breadth12 cm, Height12 cm.

    I ordered a set and likely to receive it on Monday.

    Is there any cutlery of this dimension? I would agree if there was confusion with inch and cm, but not the numbers. It is not only this product. I could see many such peculiar dimensions of articles.

    Who is responsible to correct such details?
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    For that matter shopping through online has become the challenging factor for everyone in their respect. While the other contention of size and dimensions that to matter, we are normally get fooled through the image sharing of the product or the items we buy but when we get the same on hand that is entirely different. Unfortunately most of the online customer care are unable to address the doubts and they simply agree for the return policy. Some online companies are selling screes shot on the flood lights and hoisted on the YouTube do attract women folks to order and purchase the same out of larger liking and interest. But when the saree comes to the hand the color invariably has the different look and the online condition says no exchange and no return thereby pushing the customer either to accept or repent.
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    There is some confusion and ambiguity in that as it is not understood which dimension they are referring to. It cannot be the dimension of the spoon or fork as that is usually given in terms of length only. What I could make out from this is that it could be the dimension of the cardboard box in which these items will be supplied by the shipper or reseller. So that the buyer has a feel about the size of the packet which would be arriving soon. But in that case they should write that as the size of the delivery packet or something like that other wise it becomes very confusing and misleading.
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    I think this is the size of the packet in which the item is being dispatched to you. Otherwise, no standard two in one cutlery will have the length, breadth and thickness equal. Even it is inches also having all the three dimensions equally is not a really possible issue. Anyhow, you will be receiving the packet in a day or two. Then you can see the dimensions and then understand the correct sizes.
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    When we shop online, especially for new items which we have not used or seen earlier, we naturally get many doubts. Most of these can be got clarified by exploring about the same or similar item in other portals, with other sellers in the same portal and also by seeing the pictures posted, critically.

    By reading the user reviews and reading the question-answers in the sites also we can get many clarifications. ( By doing some trial and error efforts you may be even able to contact them and get more clarifications directly in private)
    In some sites there is a provision to ask the seller our questions with regard to products.

    I had used that facility on a few occasions when I was having some doubts and needed to clarify.

    We can also surf the net for the item and get the contact details of some sellers. The same seller may sell in different platforms in different names too.

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    Dr Rao,
    Do we need a 12x12x12 cm box to pack six pieces of spoons with a length of 11 cm. This would need only a box of 12x4x4 cm rectangular box.

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    It's a bit confusing how spoon and fork can be 12×12 ×12. Probably it is the way of packing them in a packet.
    I never buy online because I have seen other buyers who saw an item, liked it and placed their order but when the item was delivered it was different from what they saw on the website.

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    Today I will be receiving the item. I shall take a photo of the image of the package and post it here for you to view and understand it.

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    They may be keeping a lot of packing material while packing the items. That is why the packet size may be big. Many times we keep receiving big boxes but inside the items will be small only.
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    Image of the package attached
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    image of the item is attached
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