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    Clever move to sieze of the situation

    As the on going talks between the farmers union and the government is not making any headway as the both sides are sticking to their own versions and showing adamant, the new twist and shock given by the center to the farm unions that let the SC decide and order as to what must be done in the case. This move is not only proved clever as the unions cannot blame the center as they only sought the legal interventions and as far as government is concerned they are as per the Parliament procedure and law and thus thrown the ball in the court of SC.
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    Many times such a situation comes and supreme Court comes to the rescue of the country. If the agitators are happy with the direction of the Supreme Court in the matter then Govt is also happy because Govt will always be abiding by it and make necessary modifications in the law. These corrections and modifications are not to be made as an ego issue because whatever people are trying to do whether they are in the Govt or in the opposition is believed to be for the welfare of the country and benefit of the common mass. Assuming that honest object behind the agitation, there is nothing wrong in modifying the law. If the Supreme Court finds that the agitators are not genuine and some bad elements are staging it then these elements will go to jail. So referring the matter to SC is a good step. The essence is that a genuine agitation is to be honoured.
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    This also paves way for identifying those who are real farmers at the protest site.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The farmer associations that are agitating did not go to the court to seek justice. Their contention is that since the farm laws were framed by the Government of India, it is for them to repeal the laws as per their demand. There are many petitions in the Supreme Court by others and they will come up for hearing on the 11th. of this month. How this is going to turn out will be known in the coming days.
    I find comments that the agitators may not be real farmers. If they are not real farmers, why the Government is holding talks with them? One may have sympathy or no sympathy for the agitating farmers, but saying that they are not farmers is nothing but foolishness. They are braving the cold weather of Delhi for the past one month. We cannot suspect them.
    These laws help the Government and the Corporates to make money. The farmers will be left to the mercy of the private companies that enter the market. It helps the corporates more than the farmers.

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    I don't think the Supreme Court can direct farmers to abide by these laws because farmers have not appealed to the Supreme Court to help them in this disputed matter. Suppose, the supreme court asks farmers to end their agitation and accept these farmer- laws, then farmers may allege it a nexus between government and Supreme Court.
    Legal guarantee of MSP will not create any problem for the government, rather a legal guarantee will bound corporates to buy food grains etc on MSP. Then why the government is supporting corporates instead of farmers!? They are asking to government.
    Government is ready to give a written assurance that MSP will be maintained but corporate is not bound to accept this written assurance but if it becomes law then corporate will be punished by the court for not purchasing farmers products on MSP.
    Tractor March in which, according to farmers' leaders, more or less 5000 tractors participated, the government did not stop it. I appreciate the government for it.

    The author is advised to watch news24, Sandeep Chaudhry show, Ajit Anjum and National dastak and Online news India, they are reporting from the middle of the farmers.
    I want to see this protest should come to an end but how? it's still unanswered. Neither government, nor farmers are ready to give up. I think if MSP is legalised then most probably farmers will take their demand of repealing three laws back.

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    Now, the matter will go to the Supreme Court. Whatever the Supreme Court says should be followed by all the people without any exemption. No one can blame the Central government also and the farmers also. The Supreme court will hear the arguments from both the sides and will come out with a verdict. Opposition parties also can't say anything against the order given by the court. Let us wait for the verdict from Supreme Court.
    The controversies between management and the workmen will go to the labour court. The Labour commissioner will hear both the versions and give his ruling which is to be accepted by both the parties.

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    I do not know the details of litigation in this matter. Hence I am not able to comment specifically on that side.

    However from reading the newspapers and posts in social media, and viewing the news reports and discussions in TV channels I have formed a certain view as of now.
    I feel that both sides now feel fatigued and stuck up. It has become a prestige liability for both sides not to change their stance.
    The protestors side leaders are now aware that they do not have the real support from the farmers from most of the states. They understand that the government is very focused and adamant and will not budge easily. They now understand that the ''support and sympathy they 'expected' from external sources is not that much forthcoming and the government could put a block and filter to that. They also know that the longer the protest go the more fatigue and dilution for their side. Slowly the genuine farmers will start doubting about the motive and intentions and start deserting them. All these awareness makes the to get a honourable solution for the matter. Now that they have shown unnecessary rigidity and adamant they are trapped in their own trick and want somehow to get out of it. The only way will be to accept court verdict and thus buy some time. Then the real solution will come from behind the curtain negotiations only.

    From the government side it is a fact that they did not get proper advance alert or warning about the dimensions and intentions of the protestors. Govt side did not expect that the protestors will be so well prepared for a long drawn face off. The intelligence and party field machinery totally failed them. This loss off face they do not want to show. Govt is aware that if the struggle goes long, then the real issue will get lost and the situation will be exploited by vested interests inside and outside the country. The unbiased people will start doubting about the efficacy and strength of the government and start losing confidence on the government. The govt is aware that if the protest go on for long, this will be a main campaign matter for opposition parties in the very soon coming states elections. If the protest goes on like this, government cannot function focusing on other important matters.All these makes the government side to get out as early as [possible finding an escape route. Waiting for a court verdict is thus a good escape route to buy time and then negotiate behind curtains with sane elements and come to a proper solution.

    What the agitators do not understand is that the law is one passed by the peoples Parliament, comprising MP s from all the states and not just from Punjab and Haryana. To ask for repeal in full is an affront to the genuine democratic values and challenge to the basic system itself. Even when the government offered suitable amendments wherever concern is raised the agitators did not agree. Their one-point agenda of repealing the law in toto evokes suspicion about their intentions. This suspicion has now slowly spread among the people. If the government properly takes efforts to educate people on the real facts, then the agitators will lose whatever sympathy they get from innocent people and the people may support any strong action from government too.

    Hence I feel that sanity will prevail and both sides will make a strategic withdrawal and allow experts and saner elements to deal an discuss and arrive at a acceptable and fair solution.

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    This confrontation between the government and the agitating farmers cannot continue for long and a solution has to be found. When the successive dialogues between them failed the government doesn't have enough option left other than asking the top court to find a solution to it. The government frames the laws after a lot of discussions with various stakeholders and the top court will also be able to find out if there is anything unconstitutional in the framed laws since the government asked it to decide on the matter. Whether it's a sense of fear among the farmers or their demands are legitimate need to be found out and we can hope that the Supreme Court will be able to provide a direction in that matter after taking into consideration various aspects of the newly framed farm laws.

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    The ice breaking from two sides must be done and for that farmers need to be flexible.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    No protesting farmer has read the bill and understood it. They are blindly following a Union leader who is not a farmer and has not and understood the bill. They are protesting blindly with adamancy to repeal the three farm laws.

    Our government is right to seek the courts verdict on this issue. I am sure, no farmer would be able to stand in court and explain their problems. When court will ask them to explain the bill, they would be deaf and dumb, and won't be able to justify their protest except Repeal Repeal Repeal. I am sure, court will not support repeal but amendments to the farm laws only. Court would ask the farmers to stop their protest before hearing them.

    Finally, they will have to accept the court's verdict and return home.

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    Govt is only bothered for the disturbances caused by the agitation otherwise the Govt very well knows that who is after this hue and cry. So, Govt is also not going to change the law so easily. For the agitating people it has become an ego issue and they will also lose their patience after some time. So, it is not going to get solved so early and so easily. The last talks also failed and now another round of talks is going to take place.
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    I strongly recommend that our government should not roll back and repeal the three farm laws passed by the government. It would set precedence and the government won't be able to pass any further law in the future that would be protested for a repeal. The protestors would quote this repeal and agitate strongly. If repealed, the government would lose its power grips.

    And Supreme court also should not favour the repeal as every Tom, Dick and Harry would go to the Supreme court for repeal of the laws quoting this repeal of farm laws.

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    When a mistake is committed, one should have the guts to accept it and take remedial measures.
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    Dr Rao:
    There are two issues in which SC may give its verdict
    (a) Legality of three laws. Wherein it has to see whether or not agriculture comes within the jurisdiction of the central government because agriculture has been an issue of States.
    (b) People of Delhi are being affected by this protest, so farmers should be removed from boarders. If you remember when this matter was put by Tushar Mehta, S.G. on behalf of the government of India. S.C. asked him who'd blocked the road. In reply he said it's the police. Keeping this aspect I am sceptical of any such verdict to remove them from boarders may come.

    SuN: I am sure you have not understood these three laws. Leave all farmers just google to watch Poonam Pandit, a teenager, who is also protesting on Gazipur border. Watch her.

    From a political point of view, think over this matter that these farmers of U.P. are blind supporters of BJP. They are still with BJP despite sitting on protest. Government can't displease their vote bank. Likewise most of the protesters from Haryana are also voters of BJP. It's only Sikh protesters who don't vote for BJP.

    I agree that farmers should accept the proposal of the government to improve the laws and change some objectionable points. I am against the repeal of the laws.

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    K.Mohan: This protest can be fizzled out if Rakesh Tiket is taken in confidence and following genuine points are heard:
    - Western U.P. farmers are mainly growing sugarcane. They supply their crops but neither they have been given money nor rate of the crop has been decided by the government. If the government gives payment to these farmers and fix the rate, you will see them leaving the protesting site.
    I have watched Rakesh Tiket and other farmers on Gazipur borders, they are angry with the government because of these issues. Moreover, they are permanent voters of BJP. They still not say anything wrong against PM or CM of UP.

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    You are wrong with your assumptions and presumptions. Who committed the mistake? Government is interested in the upliftment of farmers' life that has not been cared for by the other governments for the past 70 years. Why suspect the corporates and contract farming. Without eating the fruits, one cannot say the taste of it whether sweet or sour. Why only the farmers of Punjab, Haryana and UP (6 percent) should protest against the farm bill? The whole of Indian farmers are happy and silent, and only the rich farmers of these three states are protesting against the three farm laws. Because, more than the farmers, the state has middlemen who would lose their income if farmers are allowed to sell their products directly to the customers. Even the farmers in the field are saying that it is the rich middlemen who are on the protest site.

    Despite the assurances given by PM and the ministers, they are stubbornly maintaining their demand to get the laws repealed. It is wrong. To repeal a law already passed by the two houses, one needs to have two-thirds of votes from the parliament houses to cancel the bill. This is not possible when the ruling government has its vast majority.

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    @ Venkateswaran: I appreciate your views and understanding of this ongoing deadlock between the government and farmers. Apparently, farmers are successfully pressurising the government to keep a dialogue with them by announcing that their protest will continue till May 2024. This standoff will continue until some solid steps are not taken. The best way to control this protest is that the government should agree on (1) Suspension of three laws (2) A committee should be constituted to analyse these laws. (3) This committee may be formed at the order of the Supreme Court, so that farmer union may not oppose it. (4) Until the decision of the committee is not finalised farmer will not protest, therefore, this protest should also be suspended until the decision of this committee comes.

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    The solution can be easily found. Since agriculture farm laws is a state list, Central government can leave it to the state government to deal with the farmers. It is up to the state government whether to follow the farm laws or ignore the farm laws. The Centre won't interfere with the affairs of state government. As the PM has already said that Mandis won't be closed and farmers have an option to use the middlemen or deal with the customers directly in and outside the state, it should be accepted. It is left to the farmers whether to choose contract farming or not. They are not compelled to sell their products to the corporates or any other body. There is no problem at all.

    While things are easy, we are making it tough.

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    The latest news is that the Supreme Court asked the Government of India to put the" Farm Laws" on hold, failing which the Supreme Court itself will put them on hold.
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    This is in fact, not a clever move by the centre but a very cunning move. Agriculture being a State subject, the Supreme Court will obviously look into the Constitutionality of the Farm bills passed by the Centre. I don't think it will delve into other policy matters involved in the case. This is nothing but a dishonest move by the centre to wash off their hands and to maintain an innocent face.

    To all those who are vehemently supporting these bills, let me ask a simple question. If the government is transparent with its policies and have taken the decision on a positive note, why are they reluctant to make MSP a part of the law? In addition to that, the monopoly of the State regulated Agriculture Produce Market Committees (Mandis) has also been dismantled thus enabling the sale and purchase of products out of the regulated area. Then there is also a provision for contract farming which will empower the buyers to decide what the farmers should produce. That means, our farmers, their farmlands and their improvisations and innovations will all be guided and controlled by the corporates.

    I am not going into more details of the bills but I genuinely feel that the fear of the farmers is not out of place. The bills will not only take away their freedom but also will make them slaves of some corporates which, I think, is the basic idea behind the bill. If it was not so, why did the government pass these three major (major) bills in a haste without following the required procedures? What was the hurry?

    I do agree that some people with vested interests might have sneaked into the protesting farmers but to claim that the protest or the agitation as a whole is without any valid grounds would be nothing less than closing the eyes and crying that it has become dark. The farmers have genuine reasons for their anger and it is for the government to correct itself and prove, at least for once, that they are actually concerned about the common man.

    Sun, #720187, Have you read the three bills completely?

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    "No protesting farmer has read the bill and understood it. They are blindly following a Union leader who is not a farmer and has not and understood the bill. They are protesting blindly with adamancy to repeal the three farm laws."
    How do you know? Did you study those laws? How an aggrieved farmer can be denied access to a court? What about the Essential Commodities Amendment Act? Does it not encourage hoarding? The prices will go up and there may be a shortage of foodstuff in the market. Are we, the common people, not going to be affected? While commenting go through the matter and make reasonable comments.

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    I came across this article of December 2020 titled, 'Did You Think the New Laws Were Only About the Farmers?'
    Do read it-

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    We had been watching the farmer community suffering. We thought this farm bill will help them to grow well and remove poverty. But if the destiny is that farmers should not live happily but continue to suffer, who can change it? We all are fearing that the corporates will eat away the farmers products and leave the farmers at lurch. I would say that without corporates, the country will find it difficult. Look at the corporates. They provide jobs to millions that our government cannot. Corporates provide employment to many. Many families are surving due to the existence of corporates. It is an unnecessary fear created in the minds of 6 percent of Indian farmers. Farmers can only provide the raw products. The product is given a proper shape only by the corporate bodies. This is not understood by many of us. The other farmers will feel the pinch only if the law is repealed except the so called farmers who are now protesting against the farm bills. Option is given to the farmers to choose, whether to go on their own to sell their product or go to the mandi and sell it. Farmers have ample freedom. Nothing stops them from cultivating their own crops and selling it in their state or outside their state.

    I still remember a day when I and my cousin tried to sell our farm product at Kottar in Nagercoil. The product was green gram(moong) that was sold for Rs. 65/- per kg. When we wanted to sell 200 kilos of our farm product to the Mandi's commission agents, none offered more than Rs.25/- per kg. Truely, farmers cannot survive if we have Mandi in between the farmer and the consumer.

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    Sun, as usual, you are not ready to accept facts. Please understand that none of us who are supporting the farmers want that they should suffer. It is just that governments should exercise caution and prudence while passing such laws that have a long time effect.
    The Supreme Court has already proposed to stay the implementation of the Farm Bills and has slammed the Centre for the way the bills were passed without consulting the stakeholders and the way the agitation was handled. So wait and see.

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    Who are the stakeholder to be consulted in this vast country when the government has absolute majority of MPs from India who are the representatives of the stake holders? The whole of India knows the plight of the farmers. Hence our government has come up with solution to uplift the farmer community. Many farmers from Punjab support the bills and they are saying that the protest participants are the middlemen, not the farmers. According to Article 369 of the constitution, the Centre has the right to pass the farm law, though it is under the state list. As I had been reiterating that a law once passed should not be repealed. It would set a precedence for others to follow. Government and farmers should sit together and think of amendments to the farm laws. SC should not take this issue in hand.

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    You have referred to article 369.

    Article 369 in The Constitution Of India 1949

    369. Temporary power to Parliament to make laws with respect to certain matters in the State List as if they were matters in the Concurrent List Notwithstanding anything in this Constitution, Parliament shall, during a period of five years from the commencement of this constitution, have power to make laws with respect to the following matters as if they were enumerated in the Concurrent List, namely:
    (a) trade and commerce within a State in, and in production, supply and distribution of, cotton and woollen textiles, raw cotton (including ginned cotton and unginned cotton or kapas), cotton seed, paper (including newsprint), foodstuffs (including edible oilseeds and oil), cattle fodder (including oil cakes and other concentrates), coal (including coke and derivatives of coal), iron, steel and mica;
    (b) offences against laws with respect to any of the matters mentioned in clause (a), jurisdiction and powers of all courts except the Supreme Court with respect to any of those matters, and fees in respect of any of those matters but not including fees taken in any court; but any law made by Parliament, which Parliament would not but for the provisions of this article have been competent to make, shall, to the extent of the incompetency, cease to have effect on the expiration of the said period, except as respects things done or omitted to be done before the expiration thereof.

    In this way poor farmers will become rich by doing agro-business. Right?

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    The article is only a base that empowers the parliament to make laws on farm products. Detailed instructions laid down in the bill would certainly make the farmers rich. No doubt.
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