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    Nothing happens just by dreaming, adopt the appropriate strategy.

    Some people say that if you want success in life, then dream about it, then only your dreams come true or will be fulfilled and other people find it too easy and they start dreaming. But to fulfill those dreams, equally, efforts have to be made. Till a person does not work hard, he/she cannot fulfill his/her dreams.
    It is a good thing to think about what we want to achieve, which helps us to make ourselves feel good, but it is important to have the determination and enthusiasm to fulfill our dreams with a good strategy. When you proceed to fulfill your dreams with the right strategy, the obstacles are automatically overcome.
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    Everybody dreams for himself/herself or others. Parents dream to see their children successful in their life. They invest all their money and energy to see them having a bright career. We make planning to succeed but everybody can't be successful despite all sincere efforts, however, it is also a fact that sincere efforts with dedication do not go waste.
    The author is right that merely dreaming does not bring success until efforts with all abilities are carried out. Merely dreaming to achieve something can never be materialized unless actions are taken in right direction. On the way of whole process obstacles also come which one can overcome with diligence, sincerity, dedication, good planning, courage and keep on moving. It takes time, but sooner or later positive results come.

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    Dreaming is not at all a problem. But converting that dream into a reality is a big task and everybody can't do it. A lot of planning and hard work is very much required. Many people will not put 100% efforts to make their dreams realise. Sometimes the conditions may not favour for converting their dreams into realities. Some people will not be able to understand the opportunities in time and utilise them. They feel bad after losing the chance. Such people are not proactive. Only proactive people can utilise the chances well.
    Some people always be in dreams and they spend their time completely in dreams. But it is never advisable. Start dreaming but be living in real life also. Dream, convert the dream into a reality and then dream a new dream. Thatis how one should continue their lives.

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    If you cannot pursue your dreams it will remain a dream only. You need to act to make your dreams come true and then only you will be able to achieve your long-cherished goal. One has to plan and set a goal and after setting the goal you have to reach there. Dreaming or only making a lot of plans without executing them is a wastage of time and we should avoid it at any cost. We plan something because we want to achieve it and at the same time, to achieve something you must work and follow the appropriate path to reach the target. If you follow the wrong path or find obstacles while moving you have to find ways to overcome it. For that, introspection is always helpful. When you set a target, you should concentrate on reaching the target and if your mind wanders you will find a lot of difficulties achieving the target.

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    Nice post from the author. Dreaming is the birth right for every one of us and we feel more elated and connect to more personal on some fantasy dreams which may not occur at all and yet take the pleasure of enjoying such a dream and feels thud after realizing it waste of time and nothing special. But there are people who are well nurtured and have the ambition in life to achieve the zenith of success and they keep on thinking of progressing slowly and yet steadily as their one step further move has always proved that they have achieved the success towards the final dream of our life. Suppose everyone want to become doctor, but the preparedness to become doctor is the hectic way to the success and that should begin earnestly at the 10th class level and when the progress is sure everyone supports to your dream.
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    I think that everyone at some point of time dreams in his life and yearns for some accolades and achievements. It is natural to do so. At the same time there are only a few individuals who can work hard and put sufficient efforts to convert those dreams to reality or make them successful. So, there is no problem in dreaming but better will be that we try to achieve them also.
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    Dreams are the manifestations of out incomplete desires. They would always be there and we would always be having them. They are the part and parcel of our lives. Who does not have dreams. Even the most lazy and inactive people have beautiful dreams in their lives. Dreams actually motivate and force us to take action and become alert in our endeavours. Converting dreams in reality is the most difficult task and for that certain pre requisites are required. A person should be able to exert and work hard to convert the dreams in some attainable objective and then finally achieve that. It is not so simple but efforts are needed.
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