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    Be emotional but don't make it your weakness

    Some people are more emotional and sometimes their same emotions become trouble for them. People often take wrong decisions in emotions. We can understand this by these examples, sometimes when we get emotional and promise something to the people but later we feel that whatever we promised is more than our capacity and then these promises can become a burden for us. Sometimes we get emotional and say some wrong words, which causes others to get hurt and for whom we regret our whole life. Emotions are an important part of our life and to an extent, it is also important, but those who do not know to balance their feelings or emotions, often become emotional fools and do their own harm.
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    Emotion works as a driving force and it plays a very important role in our lives. But we need to keep one thing in mind. Emotion drives us to do many tasks but while doing anything if we remain emotional we won't be able to concentrate on the task. When we are emotional, we lose the sense of presence and cannot decide what is right and what is wrong. Our mind remains so clouded by emotions that we cannot make the appropriate decision. So we need to keep our emotions under check while carrying out any task. Let emotion be the driving force but do not remain emotional while you are doing anything.

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    Getting emotional is the natural trait for the many but that emotional feeling should not be vent for the small matters and issues of lesser importance and that may backfire as the weakness of ours and that would be branded as the bad trait by others and they take advantage of that situation. And getting emotional is the natural reaction for many and that be controlled according to situation because if we do the same in front of our critics then they would take the issue to their stride and corner us according to their whims and fancies. Be normal and vent the feelings of emotion when required the most.
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    Emotions are integral part of human life. If someone does not have emotions , surely, he is like a robot - a machine. No human can be without emotions but the point is if someone has control on his emotions, sometimes, we have to let emotions vent out and sometimes, we have to subdue them, it is applied to different situations.
    The author is right that we should not make ourselves a laughing stock in certain situations because of being an emotional creature. The author has given two situations and in both situations 'Sorry' will suffice to escape from any burden.

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    Emotion is a part of our feelings and it would always be there albeit in more or less amount. Emotion makes us soft and human. It is not our weakness. In fact it helps us to take kind and helping decisions.
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    Kind hearted people are generally emotional and that is the reason why they are easily ready to help others. During the emotional phase many people are not able to ponder things in practical ways and commit something which is not feasible from the practical point of view. So, afterwards they become aggrieved by that mismatch in the life and feel that they should not had been so considerate in that particular case. But as we all know that humans are helpless in their habitual ways and repeat their traits time and again. So even after finding that the person should not had gone to that extent, next time he would do same thing helping a person too much than required. Good Samaritans will be like that only. They are the pride of our society and humanity is alive only because of such kind hearted and good attitude people.
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