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    Materialistic things don't provide inner peace

    Happiness comes from inner peace, not from external factors or materialistic things. All external factors like cars, wealth, Bangalow etc are not substituted to happiness. They may provide some comfort but won't help people consistently stay optimistic. Some people enjoy all the privileges and apparently are happy but devoid of satisfaction and inner peace.
    Research has found people who live a simple life and help needy are happier because helping others provides great satisfaction and brings inner peace and positivity among people. Living a simple life and always staying connected with people; helping each other brings happiness and peace of mind. Some people commit suicide despite enjoying privileges are glaring examples that peace and happiness are not in materialistic things but praying to almighty and help each other and those who are in need.
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    Simplicity is a big thing and I would say that if it is there then it is the most important trait in our lives. The interesting thing about this is that there are some rich people who can live a luxurious life but they choose the simplicity and that is definitely a commendable thing. It is also true that if they are doing such a thing than it is definitely for having a peaceful and calm life.
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    Most of us does not want to do any work that give the external recognition but wold strive for achieving the inner peace. For that matter from house wife to the professionals in life they all want to have inner peace in rendering the work. Even while writing exam or working at the office, we try to finish the task with inner peace telling that we have done the best and let others appreciate or not. And those who want to achieve some thing extra will not strive for the award and reward but the work to be completed with inner peace. And those who are the real achievers are always remembered for their forthright behavior.
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    The author is right. Materialistic life is not a peaceful life. Helping a needy person gives immense happiness and satisfaction and it can't be expressed in words. When someone helps any person who is longing for help, his reaction of gratitude will satisfy even soul.

    The author has given the example of rich people who despite having all comforts commit suicide and the reason is obvious that their life was with devoid of peace of mind.

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    The materialistic worldly pleasure may not give you mental peace. All the worldly pleasures will enhance your desires for more and more comforts. So we will always strive for earning more and more and always struggle in these activities. We will never have peace of mind. We will be always putting ourselves in difficult situations and we are getting stressed. If we really want inner peace we should withdraw ourselves from all these worldly pleasures. We should live a simple life and try to spend time in service to other people or meditation or Prayers. Then we will get into a mood of happiness with whatever we have and we will further try to involve ourselves in prayers and worships.
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    Agreed, the author is absolutely right. For real happiness, people often depend on other objects and people, whereas if from their own experience the person will feel that happiness comes from inside and not from external appearance. Maybe these things make us feel pleasure for some time but after some time we start searching for new happiness again. When a person starts to understand his/her inner happiness, then he does not have to repeatedly look to the front one for new happiness because then h/she carries his/her happiness with him/her. To find happiness in yourself, understand yourself and ask different questions to yourself, for example, what do you like or dislike and then you will find that all happiness depends on your own thinking. The happiness found in external things is temporary, so more effort should be made towards permanent instead of temporary.

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