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    Positive for the parents and negative for the small children

    In a family of four members, the parents were tested positive and advised for 14 days isolation, and the two small children were told to be negative. In that case the parents are more worried about the well being of the children and they have been sent to the control relatives. But the children are not habituated to any home in the past and looking after the one year child and eight year child has become challenging for relatives too and the parents need to be taken care off for their daily food requirements from the relatives house.
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    Indeed, it must be an extremely difficult situation for this family that parents and children are staying separately. Parents are worried about the wellbeing of their children and children are crying for their parents. I did not hear such incidence happened with any other family.

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    This situation has been faced by many families during this pandemic but the good thing is the kids are safe and with relatives. I have learned about a case where a young kid was corona positive and both of his parents were negative. He was admitted to the hospital all alone. The video of him was shared in which he was carrying a small bag of his belongings and was waving hands to his parents while getting into the ambulance. The nurse in the PPE suit was helping him in getting into the ambulance. So, Corona has taught us to face every situation with positivity.

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    We are really coming across moving experience from across the country.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This type of situation is really a difficult one and one has to find some innovative way to deal with it. Some children are very intelligent and come up to meet the challenges raised by the situation. In normal times we should train our chidden some basic things about household management so that in case of some eventuality they should be able to manage some of the basic thing while taking all the precautions.
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    This is a difficult situation and one thing that is possible is some relative may take the child with them for a month period or so. The problem in such cases generally arise because the child would not understand the precautions and preventive measures and will err at places while moving in the house. He would not be able to assist also in any way. Even the senior people are doing so many mistakes in managing a Covid patient in the house and in such condition expecting anything from the child will be too much. We have to shift the child at short notice before he gets in contact with the parents.
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