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    Move on further regardless of sucess or failures

    An achievement should not bring head strong nor change our character in the eyes of others and the failure should not bow down our eagerness to move forward. Life is the mixed actions of good and bad, loss and gain and above all life is the culmination of desired results and mental achievement to give the goals the real face of recognition. Our life should not be with selfish motives rather it should be directed to others for success only and not aimed at failures. And those who moved further regardless of success and failures are the great learners and winners.
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    The author is right. That we should never give up our efforts. Success and failures are part of this whole process. But it's also fact that failures affect mindset and confidence of people. Only courageous people keep on moving without being affected by failures. They analyse what shortcomings were occurred during their journey towards their progressive efforts and they fix up these patches and carry on their journey.
    Stories of successful people witness of their courage and grit how they achieved their goal despite all hurdles. They are torch beareres to strugglers.

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    The author has rightly said, we should never give up our efforts because success and failure are unstable. Much of our success depends on our dedication and determination. So if ever we are unsuccessful, we should not give up but we should analyze ourselves that our efforts were lacking. After that, you should correct your mistakes and remove your shortcomings and continue your efforts continuously. Some people make themselves of indifferent nature who are neither sadder nor happier in different situations. We should also adopt this quality many times so that we will go ahead on our path easily.

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    Our actions or initiatives are important to achieve success. In the process of achieving success, we may face setbacks and failures as well which must not be deemed as the end of life. We must remember that failures are only steps towards success and it must not disappoint us. Failures are making a person stronger by overcoming the weaknesses and faults. It provides an opportunity for a person to achieve success.
    And the success of a person also should not overwrite him to lose the touch and rhythm of working successfully towards society. We must strike a balance between successful and unsuccessful attempts and must not disturb our endeavour.

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    Sucess should not bring proudness and failure should not bring sorrow. Bothe Proudness and sorrow will spoil our chances for further success. When you are successful also behave normally and don't allow proudness to get into your mind. Be like what you are, continue the same pattern which brought you success.
    If there is a failure, go on worrying about that will not bring you success. Think about why there is a failure. Understand where you went wrong. Think of corrections required. Do the changes and retry. Success will be yours. This is is how one should behave when there is a failure.

    always confident

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