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    Are we leading our own lives?

    Since the beginning, we are told how to lead a good and happy life. If you ask a few people about their idea of a good and happy life I think you will find many similarities in those ideas. We think we have some specific purpose and if we are able to fulfil those purposes we think we are leading a good life. Let me give you a simple example. Ask anybody and most of them will say they need a good job, I mean where the payment package is high, a good life partner though I do not know how to define good in this case, a decent house to live in, etc. I think this idea of a good life is somehow instilled in us since childhood and we keep on chasing only this idea. Some may have a different idea about life during their childhood but it gets lost when this particular idea of 'Good Life' is imprinted in their minds. When we grow up, we completely forget our own ideas of a good life and start to chase a common goal. This borrowed idea of good life becomes prominent and we forget to lead our own lives that we dreamt long ago. Members, do you really think we are leading our own lives?
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    Along with time, we keep on changing- our thinking, ideology, hobbies, interests, friends, aims, expectations, perceptions etc. We don't hook up with any specifics things. Time brings us maturity. Sometimes, when we don't want to change but circumstances change us. You can call it a forced-conversion.

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    According to me it is not practically possible to lead our own life for many reasons. That we are highly depended and supported in a society where in we are held responsible for every good and bad moves. Our lives are guarded and secured with the others intervention and they are after us for our well being and their good life too. Some of us are living at the behest of others because they gave the recommendation and shown the path life and thus we are all highly indebted to them. And if someone says that he his highly contended life and that is created on his own is totally wrong. The cooperation and contribution of parents, teachers, friends all through our good and bad days are responsible for our leading a good life at the fag end of the life. So never say that you are alone responsible for your success and contended life so far.
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    Given a choice, every one will like to live a life of his own in his own ways. Individuality plays a big role in this thinking. Unfortunately due to various reasons and developments it is not possible to lead a life which was expected to be and then the only alternative is to accept whatever is coming across our ways as a result of our actions and deeds. We can only control our actions but not the results.
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    Human life is a complex journey and everyday a new beginning unfolds in front of us and changes our perspective. So even if we had some idea of having and spending our lives in a particular way or style all of that gets washed away with the tides of time. Change is the law of nature and we deeply feel it in our lives and many times we are not only baffled by these changes but also feel disturbed and perturbed to a great degree. There cannot be a fixed rule of living as time pangs will make significant changes in our lives sometimes even without giving us any advance information or alert in that regard.
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    Sometimes we may not be able to lead the life in the way we wanted. The influence of other people will be there on our lives. We may have to sacrifice some of our interest to take care of the requirement of other family members. Parents, brothers and sisters, wife and children will be considered as family members.
    When there are people in whom we have some interest, we will be ready to make changes in our lifestyle and try to live in such a way that they will also be happy with us. In this situation, we may be forgetting our original thinking about life and go with the wind.

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