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    The ever growing menace of drunk and drive

    Come weekend the traffic police would be alert at the main junctions to catch those who are involved in drunk and drive during midnight and the cases are increasing every week. Having sensed police fanning out to catch them at different points those who are the regular boozers have now taken the two wheeler and also start drinking in ordinary days to avoid caught. But Hyderabad police who conducted the raids were baffled to seem many two wheeler drivers were caught with influence of alcohol and as many as 238 cases were booked on Thursdays alone and they are sent to jail and license cancelled.
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    Why people get drunk while driving their vehicles. It's the worst habit because it is only dangerous for them but also for other people and commuters. They should stop this menace. It can't be curbed unless they realize what they are doing is detrimental for all.
    Police can book the cases against them but they can't control them. Police can't be blamed for it.

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    The more the alcohol availability the more the drunken habits which never die.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Such cases are seen every day but unfortunately, the fact is that even after the rules and laws, there is no restriction or control on them. Many times innocent people have lost their lives due to such carelessness of other people. The strangest thing is that people who are educated and keep their identity in a good society also commit such crimes. The author has rightly said that the more alcohol availability is there, the more people will buy. In this direction, the government needs to enact very strict laws.

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    When we are getting addicted to certain bad habits we can't come out of them. We should control our habits. Our habits should not control us. But unfortunately, many people can't come out of their habits. This is the main reason.
    My servant maid's husband can't sleep without a drink. He works in the morning and all that money he will spend in the evening drinking. Many times while coming back he will fell from his scooter and will have injuries. This will happen many times. Sometimes he will take away money from his wife also and go for drinking. They have three daughters. All of them are studying in school. This lady has to earn for all the expenses. Like this many people are there. That is why we find many people driving after drinking.
    People who are having enough money will sit in the house and drink. But some people who can't drink in the house will go out and drink and they will be caught by these people while driving.

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    What is good or bad is known to auto driver but they cannot give up their habits since this habit is formed due to their bad companies and even if they want to give up the same, they are helpless. Instead of relinquishing this habit, they would see where the police personnel are active to nab the offenders so that they may escape the said rout.
    They are definitely poor often consuming pouches containing substandard wines with the contamination of methyl alcohol. They are aware of these facts but unfortunately they can not keep themselves away from such addictions. They need social workers encouraging them to attend health centres where they would be provided medical relief to come out from this addiction.

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    It's nothing new . People know that driving after drinking is dangerous still they do it. Some people are too over confident that they think that nothing would happen ever if they drive after drinking but they forget that it happens once so should stop doing it and should think of their family.

    In Delhi too traffic police remains alert and check people but after the pandemic the things have slowed down and people have taken the advantage of the same.

    It's okay if they drink but drving after drinking is not okay.

    Heavy drinking effects our driving skills such as eye, hand and foot coordination and once we don't have a good coordination we may have an accident.

    Excessive alcohol consumption can impact the vision. After drinking our vision gets blurred or we may be unable to control our eye movement and impaired vision can effect our judgement about the distance of vehicle from our vehicle.


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    Only stringent action against the defaulters would be able to stop this drink and drive menace. They should be booked and jailed for a minimum of three months. No bail on any grounds,but jail only is the solution. The government should act tough without any mercy to the drinkers who wish to kick start their vehicles after having a kick of liquor.
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