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    Trust God just as you trust a sailor.

    We all know that there is a power that is holding the universe and we call that power by a different name, we all trust our God that God has sent us into the world and at the end of life we will go back to the same power again.

    But when we get nervous seeing the circumstances of life, we weaken our faith in that power. We should keep doing our deeds but at the same time we should have unwavering trust in that god, and this trust should not be just in words, but it should be by your heart so that after surrendering every deed to the god, the power will take care of everything.

    Just like when we sit on a ship or boat, there are many other people with us. Not all of these people know how to swim, but still, everyone trusts a sailor that he will not drown them and will travel safely. We should have the same confidence in God that no matter how difficult the journey of life is, God will always protect us.
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    Very nice post from the author. If we trust God that should be total surrender and not with a notion of doubt or any about of disbelief. The best example is already given by the author that we keep immense trust and belief on the sailor and many in the ship does not even know the adverse effect of capsize of the ship. Even in the Mahabharath Lord Krishna has given the sermon that those who surrender to him totally are well attended and their woes are redressed. But why the last minute help. that is where the God test the patience of his every devote and give the boon as and when required.
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    A good topic on trust on God. God helps those who helps themselves. It is not only a sailor who takes a ship or boat at sea, but also any one who drives a vehicle with passengers on board on the roads or on the air. We need to have trust on the bus/taxi/auto/train drivers and the pilot of the aircraft. However, destiny will rule, despite any trust on God. Destiny is supreme.
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    That's true. When we sit on a train, we never think that the driver will not be able to take us to the destination. We will have 100% faith in that driver. But sometimes accidents may happen. Because of these accidents, we will not stop travelling on a train. We will never lose faith in the driver of the train in which we are sitting.
    Our life is also fully guarded by God. He is there to take care of us always. Some accidents or negative things may be happening in our lives. We should think that God is with us and because of that only we were lucky to survive and escape from the accident with minor loss. Then we will get more faith in God.
    God will always help us. Whatever we are today is because of Him only and He will give us whatever is due to us. Never doubt or question the acts of God. Sometimes when we are in difficulties, we think God is not with us. That is wrong thinking. God will be always with us and see that we will get whatever we deserve.

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    Majority of the world population believe in God, however, concept, belief, cult, ways of prayer etc are different in different religions followed on our planet. Beliving in Oneness of God is mandatory for this belief and faith. Conviction is essential for sterling faith. All creatures whether living or non-living
    belong to Him. He loves His creation beyond our perception. But only faith is not enough for success in the hereafter. We have to live on this planet as His obedient slaves. We have to be committed and submissive to His commands.

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