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    How do you see virtual tuitions?

    Online classes became common in our new normal. Even tuitions became online these days. The difference between online school classes and this virtual tuition is that the virtual tuitions are mainly one on one. When it is school many other children are also present, so little distractions are not so evident. Where as in private virtual tuitions, students are requested to pay full attention. I am not sure how some classes like music, drawing, dance and other art and craft classes are possible through virtual learning. Especially beginners are facing more difficulties in this kind of online classes. They pay more for private classes but what is the use, if they are not effective as expected?

    Any suggestions to make virtual tuitions effective?
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    Virtual learning is not as easy as direct classroom learning. Especially instrumental music and dance learning virtually are very difficult. But vocal music learning may not be difficult online. But the teaching should not be in a group. It should be one to one when it is online. Online tuitions are effective when it is one to one only. The tuition teacher can concentrate on the student and the student can also ask specially if he has any doubts.
    Personally, I feel classroom learning is the best option. But when there is no way to conduct classroom teaching we may have to go for this.

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    The students are tuned to the class room learning since that was the only plateform available to them prior to lockdown. They had the opportunity to discuss their doubts and get the same resolved through the teacher at the end of the session. Both the teachers and the pupils can see each other face and their reactions are visible to each other. Hence they are comfortable with such an environment.
    In the online classes, it is a one side communication of the teacher delivering the lecture and the pupils are missing the direct contacts with their teachers affecting them psychologically. Doubts remain unresolved. Hence the very purpose of learning in a congenial way is defeated.
    However, during the lockdown period in absence of any other channel it can be continued for learning.

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    Learning in physical mode in an isolated classroom has no substitute and it is a well know fact established through ages in our society and in the educational pursuits availed so far by our elders. Due to the pandemic this urgency came in existence which forced everyone to look and try for the online virtual alternatives for all sort of trainings. So there are many teething problems and apprehensions about these virtual learnings and slowly more improvement has to be there in them as those business units have to stay in the business of teaching or imparting any skill to the students who are paying them for these requisite courses. It is only the beginning and things have to be evolved in a practical and successful manner to satisfy the recipients of all these virtual courses in different streams of learnings. I think that we are already progressing well and are in a right path.
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    To make anything effective, one needs to address the drawbacks. Nobody has experienced this situation earlier and students are forced to join classes online because there is no other option. Students cannot stop learning and online classes are an alternative for their progress. There are certain things which will be difficult to manage online like experiments performed in a laboratory and it is not possible to perform every experiment on a simulation. On the other hand, before this pandemic situation, learners already started learning various things online with the help of videos on Youtube or some other platforms. Even video tutorials for many courses are already available for quite some time. I do agree that the environment of learning in a classroom is completely different where there is face to face interaction between the teacher and the students but when it is not possible because of the present situation an alternative has to be found. Students are facing many difficulties and one of them may be the connectivity issues. Another thing is the teachers cannot understand easily whether the student is correct or not when they try to blame the network for their absence. All these drawbacks are taken into account by those who are managing various online learning platforms and we hope many of those issues will be addressed in the coming days.

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    Online learning is not so effective as classroom learning. In classroom a teacher directly teaches in person to students. Especially, music and dance learning is extremely difficult.
    However, danger of pandemic is over. Colleges are opened. I think there is no need to have online tuition now. There are different streams in music and dance. A student needs his teacher physically with him to learn recital - vocal as well as instrumental. Dancing is also very hard learning which requires much practice in presence as well as in absence of a teacher.

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    For better education, offline classes are the only option but these days, studying online is the only option for children and parents but it cannot be considered the best option. The importance of studying in offline classes is not possible in virtual classes. When the teacher and the student are studied face to face, then along with studies there are other human developments of the student, which is not possible in the online class. The discipline that children get when they are in front of the teacher can only happen in offline classes when children go to school or college or tuition class.

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    The online classes and online tuition has become necessity of day for the working parents as they cannot give full attention to the child. In the absence of school and no proper touch with the school teachers the children are feeling left out and not concentrating on the classes and they are also missing of the bench mates thus feeling more left out in this context the children are getting away from the main lessons and no explanation offered in the online class and therefore tuition become more necessity. In fact a child studying in 1st class offered a total tuition fee of rupees three thousand for three hours daily. This proves that online tuition have become fetching money for those who really make efforts with work from home concept. But some parents are insisting that the tuition teacher visit their home and impart studies.
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