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    Why such peole are greedy and from where they get so much money?

    I read a news that a retired High Court female judge was duped by a person. She was promised to get a Governor's post. She was mediated by a retired Superindentent of Police. She offered Rs. 8 crores to the duper to get the job done. When nothing happened, she lodged a complaint with the police.

    I do not understand how these people who held a responsible post like judges of High court get cheated by the dupers. How they fall prey to such people? Are judges not intelligent? From where do they get so much money in multi crores to pay the dupers? I think, the money lost must be an illegally earned money by the judge.

    I held a good post in my life and retired. Yet I could not save half a crore from my salary.
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    Probably she might have taken bribes during her service. But one thing I can't understand is how she said that she has given 8 crores. Police should question her where she got that money. If it is black money she can't tell openly that she has given 8 crores. I think she may be having some properties and she might have sold them and given to them. That is why she announced that she had given that much money.
    A private employee or a government employee who is very sincere will not have such an amount to offer. Their salaries will be sufficient to manage their families. They can't save much. But people who earn by other means can earn huge money. Here the point we have to understand is that if that lady becomes Governor, air first aim should be to earn back that money she gave for that post. How we can expect her to work sincerely.

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    It's not easy to save 8 crore rupees unless a person is doing something wrong. There is a possibility that this judge is involved in taking bribe as judges are easily offered bribe. It's strange the people whom we expect that they will help to reduce the corruption are involved in the corruption themselves.

    Second possibility is she might not be corrupted because she might not have approached police and have told that she has offered 8 crore rupees.

    But it's strange as people have a greed to get the fame and to attain higher posts. The government employees do that because they are easily approached by the people for bribe.


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    Bribe is an integral part of our system. What is wrong if she might have taken a bribe? The way the author is surprised has surprised me. Problem is that we did not get a chance to earn so much money so we lament for it.
    A phone call was viralled on social media. A prominent leader was contacted by a person for party ticket to contest the election and he demanded Rs 400 crore for this deal.
    Horse trading is not new in politics.
    A journalist is said to have purchased a house of Rs 42 crore. What is their salary by the way?
    Should I believe in such news?

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    There is nothing to surprise about. For politicians, it is easy money. They roll in multi crores. But I really wonder how a person from the judiciary can have multi crores. Moreover, she has said that she had taken a loan of 90 lakhs to pay to the duper for initial payments. Now, imagine, how a governor (if appointed) would act to recover the eight crores paid to hold that position.

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    90lacs from 8 crores is not much money. I don't think the judges too get that much salary that they may be able to save 7.1 crores from the salary that too when the person is not retired.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Though I am not aware of this specific news item, I think only through a proper investigation the source of the sum of money will be known. This particular thread is quite funny because I have never heard that the post of Governor can be bought with a sum. I have heard one should have a good understanding with the party ruling the country at the centre and based on that Governors' may be appointed. Now I am trying to imagine what may be her complaint to the police. Shall she say she wanted to be the Governor of the state by paying a huge sum to a person promising her the post? How is it possible? By saying this she will be a laughing stock to the public and to the judiciary where she discharged her responsibilities as a judge.

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    @SuN: Governor is also part of the politics. Perhaps you have never been in touch with the court. Patchily, bribery is spreading its wings in judiciary also.
    About 30 years ago, I happened to visit a court for the first time. My cousin was involved in a civil case. It was the matter of disputed land. He told me to go to the court for taking next date of his case. He told me the name of the advocate whom I had to meet. I met the advocate he asked me to go court name and apprised me to give Rs 5/- to the clerk. I went there. The judge was sitting on his chair and the clerk was taking this amount for giving the next date. Literally, I was surprised at the scene. Now, we are in 2021. Everything is possible.

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    We should not be surprised with such news. We are under the impression that judges are honest and their emoluments are just enough to maintain their family expenses. How come they could afford to pay such a huge amount to the extent of 8.0 crores to the duper? If one goes deeply to this case, both the amount offered and her savings to that level appear to be unreliable. Even the police is helpless in the investigation of the entire case. There should be further probe of the case. Another interesting aspect in this case is her ambition to grab the post of the governor through the illicit means.
    It appears that any post can be achieved by offering the due amount through the negotiation process of the inter mediator.

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    I am placing the copied page from the newspaper in which the duper being arrested, and the details have been elaborated in the text.
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    This is not only amazing but also astonishing to note that a retired judge was duped to the tune of more than 8 crores and this infers many meaning to this underhand dealing. That the judge herself is a habituated corrupt person in the past and thus amazed wealth as she could able to bear the cost running into several crores. That she might have stashed much money through the court settlements and pronouncing orders. Now the law should be more vigil and investigate further as to her past misdeeds during her service and after the service. Normally she would have given orders and strictures on cheating and duping and how come she became the victim of the duping. There seems to be high connection in this scam and duping and everyone responsible for this crime must be dealt with severely and this case should be on fast track.
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