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    Some people don't like to be called 'old person'

    In a crowded market in Etah (U.P.) a woman and a young girl began to quarrel with each other. People saw that a 40 years old woman slapped a 19-year-old girl. People came and mediated between them. People smiled when they came to know about the reason of the quarrel. The young girl addressed the woman as Aunty. Calling her as aunty was not bearable to her. The woman began to argue with a young girl. When the girl tried to expound her why she told her aunty she slapped her then the girl also could not bear her slapping. She protested against this assault and seeing this quarrel some people came to them.

    Why some women don't like to be called aunty. What is wrong if a teenager called her aunty?
    It looks quite a hilarious situation among women which I have observed too that they want to hide their age. I have seen this tendency in opposite gender also. But especially, women don't like to be called as 'older woman.'
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    If she was a modern lady, she would have expected to be addressed as 'Madam'. If she was an ordinary woman and unmarried, she would have expected to be addressed as 'Sister' or 'Behanji'. Only a simple real woman would accept the word 'Aunty'.

    It would be better not to address a stranger with a relationship, but say 'Hello' only.

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    Every one wants to appear young. It is not limited to women alone as there are many men folks who also wish the same thing. Some people are very sensitive to their age and will not share it with others. Though it is said that we have to grow old gracefully but there are very few who abide by this direction. The present world cosmetic market is somewhere near 600 billion dollars and from that only we can make out the desire of people to look younger and younger. Those who are rich can of course spend on these cosmetics as they desire but there are many who have no money to do so but they adhere to cheaper options but the desire is the same.
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    It's very normal as every wants to be called as young. I have also seen such incidents when a ladies having a quarrel for this issue.

    Even when I was a child I was scolded by a woman when I called her aunty and from that day I never called a stranger an aunty. Even I have been called as uncle many times by the kids or youngster when I was young but I never took it seriously and the height was when a girl called me an uncle and called my wife didi .


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    In 1988, when I was in my 30th year, I joined a company as a Manager (QC). In that organisation, there was a Manager (Prod). He was in his 50s. We both used to stay in neighbouring houses. His wife was about 45 years. She was having the habit of calling everybody uncle and aunty even though the other person was younger than her. She never liked to be called as aunty by anybody. She started calling me and my wife uncle and aunty. Many people told me that she will quarrel with people if anybody tries to call her aunty.
    I went to their house when my colleague was also there and called my colleague as Uncle. Then I called her aunty. As we both are equal rank in the organisation she could not say anything and from the next day she started calling me and my wife with names and I also started calling her by her name.
    Probably some people feel that they are becoming aged if somebody called then aunty or uncle. That though they may not be able to withstand and ultimately get into fights.

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    It is often seen that people get angry at people being called Uncle or Aunty especially if the person calling is not a young child but a teenage person. The problem is not of an age but the address of uncle or aunty in society, many times it makes people feel elderly, which they do not want to accept. But this is not the case with all, some people accept it as quite normal. Most women do not like to call an aunt at all, but this does not mean that when being called an aunt, such kind of response should be given.

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    Yes it is the fact that either men or women, they do not want to be addressed as old person even though they gained that age and also they are looking old by virtue of their facial wrinkles. The ladies are more concerned as they keep on using the age defying creams and thus they also spoil their real good face in the garb of using chemical added creams. But what I feel that there is nothing better that Indian home made facial items which can allow the face to look better and glowing. But the fact remains that every one goes through the age and need not get offended if we are called the seniors.
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    Even though the man or the women is aged, he would not like to called as uncle or aunt since calling in that way can hurt their sentiments. This is applicable to both the genders but ladies are more particular to this point. Though the ladies of the age brackets of 55-60 would like to do everything thing to look younger and in that way they would not be called auntie by the younger people. This is a kind of inferiority complex and they cannot get it over. While calling some one as auntie or aunt, we should be familiar with the temperament of that gender whom we would like to call auntie or uncle so as to avoid any embarrassment.

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