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    Creativity requires calm, quite, and peaceful environment

    When we are engaged in some creative work then naturally we require some focus and concentration. A disturbed mind will not be able to concentrate in creative pursuits. So, it is required that our mindset should be calm and quite and away from worldly botheration and bitterness which is created due to various reasons in our lives day in and day out. Many people say that they get creative ideas only when they are in a mood to do so. What is this mood actually, it is nothing but the conducive environment which is required for a writer or artist to create his or her creative things. Being a creative member in this portal, have you also felt anything like that?
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    Famous Bollywood lyricist Anjan, once said in an interview " We are given music and situation and we are asked to compose a song. It appears that we are given a shroud and demanded to bring a corpse of this size." He explained how he wrote a song which fit in music and suited the situation. " I take a few pegs, switch off all lights except a table lamp and then think".
    Creativity comes from within. A creative person creates something which has unique idea, which nobody has ever thought about. He invents some unprecedented things. Some people are creative artist by birth. Asha Bhosle was speaking about great Musician A.R.Rahman. She was called by him to come to Chinnai for songs recording of movie "Rangeela". Now a days first, music is composed, then lyrics are written and then song is recorded. But in old days first, song was written, then music director and singer would do rehearsal then the live recording used to be done. So she thought that he might record live song with his team. But when she reached his studio, he told her " Amma, sing". He was standing with his keyboard only. There was no other Muscian with musical instruments. She was confused; however, she got her songs recorded with his keyboard. When the music album was released. She was surprised to listen to all her recorded songs blended with beautiful music. She exclaimed,"He is a Wonder boy".
    But here the author intends to speak about the creativity-talent of various members of ISC. And I don't have this talent.

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    A king asked a poet to recite a poem. The poet replied that it is not easy to recite a poem that easily. It requires a pleasant ambience and peaceful environment. In addition to that, he said one should have any financial problems and worries. When I have seen this post I remembered this incident.
    When the atmosphere is good only our mind will work properly. If there are many worries in our mind we may not be able to concentrate on our writing. similarly when many disturbances are there around also we may not be able to write properly.

    always confident

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    The author has rightly said, when doing any creative work, that work depends on the mood of the artist and the mood always depends on the surrounding environment. Many times we are not able to write even if we have an idea in our mind but choosing words to express it becomes difficult even if the atmosphere is not favorable. Along with the environment personal problems or happy moments also affect the work. When I feel the noise disturbance, I prefer to go to the terrace then start writing.

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    Truly said by the author. When I want to raise new threads, I found total calm, tranquility and peaceful early mornings always proved to be rewarding as we do not have any disturbance , no interference of what so ever in the wee hours and thus our minds are free to create new ideas, write best content etc. Even in the office when we are given a task, that should be attended when the time is good for attempting it. If we attempt during the ongoing routine works it gets distracted and disturbed. One thing is sure that we need a right place, right time and right occasion to vent our right feelings.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    What I wanted to emphasise was that during the creative hours no distraction should be there.
    Knowledge is power.

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