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    Children are tender souls without animosity for others

    Children are a blessing and their chirping fills the house with positivity. Their hearts are soft and innocent and free from malice. Their hearts are free from hatred towards other children. Their faces gleam like shining stars in the sky. Their world of innocence is so beautiful that fill the parents with hope and optimism. Even though children fight with each other, they mingle again within a few seconds of their fight. They unfold happiness and lights the candle of hope in the house. Despite becoming naughty and make a commotion in the house, children are a blessing. Parents should try their best to provide better education to these tender souls which fill the life of a family with happiness and accomplishment.
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    Children are very innocent and simple. They have yet to learn the ways of this strange world. The sight of the children makes us happy and feel good. We all enjoy playing and sitting with them. Their questions are more innocent than that of them. They will ask us so many things and would yearn for more and more and finally we would be tired of answering and give up thinking that they do not know all those things. How they will know about such strange and intriguing things in such a tender age when we are not able to answer their questions satisfactorily.
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    We all are responsible to make this place a beautiful one for children so that they can grow up freely without any kind of fear in their minds. Children do not have animosity or feeling of hatred towards anybody and are always innocent. The make-up of their mind when they grow up depends on how they were treated during their childhood. We learn things from seeing others and this learning begins from our childhood. The minds of children are like a blank page and it fills up with what they see. If they see the elders doing things which are not acceptable to the society they just copy it and apply because as children they do not have the sense of right/wrong, acceptable/unacceptable, etc. Education always plays an important role in the upbringings of children and parents should always try to provide them with a good education. This education is not only about scoring good marks in academics, rather it is all about building their character as a responsible citizen of the country.

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    We all know that the feelings of children are always true and that they recognize love and care better than us.
    The place and role of children in the family are very Important in our joys. Many times, no matter how much tension is there, we forget our all problems for some time with the smile of the children or with a loving hug given by them. The children who are the reason for our happiness today, will go ahead and create the future of this country, with this intention, we should give build up to our children. Good education and good values ??are essential elements in making children a good person, so they should not be ignorant.

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    True. The best part of our lives in our childhood. We will enjoy the days just eating and playing. We will not see the status of the other child to do friendship with him. His financial position is never a question. His caste or religion is never known to us. We will play with them and enjoy our time.
    But elders only will start seeding jealousy or enmity about the other child. That is how this-worldly matters will get into the minds of the child. If parents take care of not teaching them unnecessary issues and tell them about the importance of values and ethics, they will grow in a better manner and become responsible citizens of the country.
    When children are there in the house the house will be having a lot of activity. There will be always smiles and hopes in the faces of the family members. It is a delight to the grandparents to spend time with their grandchildren in their retired life and enjoy the time. Many poets compare these children with Gods.

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    Children are like innocent angels. Their hearts are pure. They have no hatred or ill feelings for others. They don't stop playing with each other if their parents have enmity. They quarrel each other but soon they forget what happened a few minutes ago. They don't know what enmity is but when a child start growing up he starts to learn all ill traits from their elders and gradually, become bad and some of them become worse or worst.
    These children are our role models to become 'good human'. We need to learn from their lives that we should not have grudge, enmity, hatred for other fellow humans. We should live happily and let other people live happily too. But we arrogant. We don't accept them as our role models. We assume that children are stupid and we are intelligent and matured.

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