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    Finding the appropriate solution to any problem is essential

    We solve a lot of problems in our daily lives. I wouldn't say we do not create problems because in many cases it is seen that there are some people expert at creating problems. As long as you find a solution to a problem, it's good though at times you need to toil to solve a problem. While solving any problem, it's always important to find the correct solution to a problem, otherwise, the problem may go away temporarily but again after some time it will be back.

    Let me give you a funny example of problem-solving skills. As far as I can recollect, this story is about Mullah Nasruddin. Once upon a time, a man suffering from stomach pain went to Mullah Nasruddin to find a cure. He asked the man what he has eaten and the man replied that he ate a rotten cake. On hearing this he asked the man to lie down and brought a bottle of medicine. The man was hopeful but Nasruddin went near his eyes to apply that medicine in his eyes. The man was surprised and asked him why he is giving him the medicine for his eyes instead of stomach pain and Nasruddin retorted if his eyes were good enough he could have easily found out whether the cake was fresh or decaying. Many times I think we also follow the same procedure, taking pain killers for every pain without finding out the cause of the pain. By doing this the pain goes away for a while and you can imagine what is going to happen after a few days. Rather than looking for the appropriate solution to a problem, at times we just apply a balm for temporary relief rather than looking for the correct solution. Analyze the problem and then only the perfect solution will come out.
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    What I have learned from the elders and with my personal experience so far that every problem has the solution and we are not aware of it and that awareness is created over the passage of time when gain the experience. And every problem also has the tendency to resolve on the own as we have already set up the measures to redress but the other person has been pestering immediate action. And every problem can be tackled and solved through short cut or temporary method or the long term or permanent solution. For the both achievements there must be proper understanding the of the problem otherwise that would gives raise to more complications. But the best advise is to attend the problems at the initial state so that the aggrieved person would keep quite that something has been done and attended.
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    We are encountering with the problems in our lives time to time and trying to solve them with whatever knowledge and skills we have. For solving them effectively we have to understand the problem and relate it to the real life situation. A problem may appear very challenging but when we analyse it from various angles then we find that it was not so difficult as what we perceived it in the beginning. Problem solving has two important parts. First is that we have to have a will to attend to that problem otherwise it will simply be postponed and will remain on our head for quite some time. Another thing is that we should have sufficient skills to solve that problem and if we do not have that then we have to take help from the external sources. Having some skill always helps and I would narrate my own case as an example here. Long back we were using calculators and other such devices for repeated and tiring calculations and were always intrigued much with that process. Later when I got exposed to computers during 1985-1990, I learnt Microsoft Excel utility. It was a great skill and since then I am using it for plethora of purposes and always harp on it for my various personal tasks.
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    The author has rightly said, we often have more fear when facing problems and because of this fear, there is a nervousness in our mind that, will we find a solution to this problem or not? and that is why many times we choose solutions that increase our problems. The best solution to the problem can be found only when peace and patience should not be lost in solution elective times. No matter how big the problem is, but there is a solution, a person moving forward with this thinking will never choose a wrong decision or solution.

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    We will be encountering many problems in our lives. We will try to overcome those problems by finding a solution. But some times when we are in a hurry we will find a quick solution and in a long run, that solution may create a bigger problem.
    In any manufacturing industry, if there is any break down. people will try to solve the problem and restart the manufacturing by doing some temporary repairs. But they will forget to make a permanent repair on maintenance day. For some time the process will run and the problem will get escalated and people will lose more time and production gets hampered like anything.
    In the same way, when there are small issues, we neglect them or do some temporary patch up and leave it. We forget that but after some time the problem will start hunting us and we will be in a fix without knowing what to do to overcome that problem. So it is always advisable to take the best solution and solve the problem when it is in its initial stage.

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