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    Are we getting away from the sway of US ?

    As the change of guard taken place in US replacing the Trump administration to Biden administration the thinking level at India government has also changed. And we are getting more cozy Russia as India is embarking on a massive Military purchase worth 40.000 crores and India has already sent a contingent of armed forces for training and getting to know about new vehicles being purchased in next two years. And US getting fumed over this turn around and even impose sanctions against India. But India has the reason to change stance.
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    US is going through some political disturbances right now and corona pandemic is also affecting it and so many people there have become out of the jobs recently, but US people are very hard working and determined in many ways and I have a feeling that they will be soon through all this turmoil and again emerge as a leading power in the world. They have a great number of scientist, technocrats, and business magnates who know how to build the county back to the old glory. US is a great example of private entrepreneurship and innovation and that is its big strength and will help it in the times to come.
    Knowledge is power.

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    US and India had and has never been very close friends, even during Trump tenure ,however, US president and Indian P.M stand for bromance on personal level though. Republican are known as right wing group whereas Democrates are left wing and liberals. There are some permanent national interest of US and these interests are always on priorities regardless of being a Repulican or a Democratic president. One of them is how to keep supremacy of US in South Asia particularly in Subcontinent because China is the most powerful country of the region. It's veto power also, so how to keep counter balance in the region US supports India because there is no other country in South Asia which may face China and to keep another level of counter balance US supports Pakistan against India.
    Delhi has always been in good relations with Moscow to stop US from overpowering India. There is no permanent friend and enemy but permanent interest , it is a well known fact. Joe Biden, a Democrat, will have good relations with India but not with Prime Minister because of personal bromance with outgoing president of US.
    On Kashmir issue, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have vast differences with India but it does not affect Indian foreign policy or diplomatic relationship with US for both sides.

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