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    Have you come across any magnetic personality in your life?

    During my interaction with a wide range of people I found that a few of them were quite distinguishable from others in terms of their way of speaking, mannerism, relations with friends, and many other attributes and we are much impressed by them and yearn for friendship or relations with them. In my first job as a teacher in a college, I was staying in a private hostel where one room with attached facilities was provided to us and we were taking our food outside in some canteen or hotel on monthly basis payments. There I met one person who was working in a Bank and was preparing for some other competitive exam for his growth and better career. When we talked, I was pulled to him with an unknown force, that I can only say as magnetic, and was yearning for his company and he obliged me in the evening time for half an hour as he was too much busy in preparing for the examination. He spoke so well, all the knowledgeable things and I learnt a great deal of things from him and this went on for quite a few months and one day he told me that he would offer me a small treat in a restaurant as he felt that I gave him a like minded company. There he disclosed that he was selected for the position he was trying so hard. I was really impressed by his way of tackling life and its challenges. I have lost contact with him but he still comes in my memory as a magnetic personality.
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    Once I met Sri Muruga Kirupananda Variar, a devotee of Lord Muruga, a great scholar, lecturer, orator. Though I heard his spiritual speeches, I had an opportunity to meet him personally and take his blessings on board a moving train. Also, I took an autograph from him. His is the only autograph I have in my possession. He acted in a few Tamil films. He is no more now.

    I boarded the train at Chennai(Egmore) for Tuticorin. At Villupuram Junction, I saw this great man boarding the train with his assistant. His accommodation was adjacent to my saloon in Ist class. Since it was 9 p.m, I did not want to meet him. I looked at the chart and understood that he was to alight at Kovilpatti at 6.30 a.m.

    I got up at 0500 hrs, washed my face, and went to meet him. The saloon door was kept open. I wished him and asked him to bless me. He blessed me by applying vibhuti on my forehead and handed over a small booklet "Skanda Sasti Kavasam." Then I asked him for an autograph. He obliged. I returned to my berth, took out my new autograph book and extended it to him. He wrote in Tamil "Irai Theduvathodu Iraiyum Thedu" and signed.(Meaning - While you search for your food, also search for God).

    When he alighted at Kovilpatti railway station, I helped them to unload their luggage. He was pleased. For me, he is a magnetic personality whom I came across in my life.

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    I have no such expereince with anybody. I have seen some people who will try to be the odd man out by their behaviour, conversation and appearance. Such people will get the attraction of other people easily. Some people talk very smoothly and they behave themselves very moderately so that they will not cause any inconvenience to others. Such people also will get the attraction of other people.
    Kanchi Paramacharya visited our place during my childhood. Many people came there to see him. Such people will have goo magnetic powers and they will pull the people towards them and such people may have the magnetic power which comes to them because of their piousness.

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    Every celebrity can be taken in this list. I have met some of them. I did not happen to meet any magnetic personality. However, some people have impressed my with their qualities of nobility, ever smiling face, honestly and selflessness. I like to interact with such people. Sometimes, I come across them. Probably, they can be called as magnetic personalities.

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    I came across a small time Industrialist who is young and yet achieved the great success in life and business as he crowed with success and has vast opportunity in his business which is monopoly and not that stiff competition. The reason being he is well graduated, well manned, and above all give the chance for others to speak. Even during the pandemic he gave the salary to his 70 odd employees and he also took care of their immediate requirements of life. I was so impressed by the way he conducts with everyone and yet never shown his ego as he earns much and also helps those who need the most.
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    I would not call it as magnetic but I was much impressed by one of our professors in our PG classes who used to teach in a very simple way but was able to manage the students understand what he wanted us to learn. He never forced any idea on us but through discussions and interactions and participations, we all agreed what he taught us in the classroom. Many other students were also impressed by his unique way of teaching and still remember him. The students respected him much because of his cordial behaviour and honest intentions to teach us.
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    In life, we do come across people who leave a powerful impact on our mind. Either it can be good or bad. I have come across many such personalities other than my family members. I would now mention about one such person who was not only magnetic but very calming too.
    A respectable surgeon was in his 50's when I in my 20's met him for the first time. My family members: parents, uncles, sister and myself, went through various abdominal surgeries such as appendicitis, gall stone, etc. As a doctor, his patient hearing, making the patients rely on him, affectionate temperament and the self-confidence, made me his admirer. The way he conducted himself was mind-blowing, and when he spoke, everybody followed his instructions minutely, although he was witty too. Professionally he was successful, but that never made him arrogant. He was an extremely caring doctor that made my whole family respect him and have faith in him as a doctor. His voice was heavy and powerful, which impressed everyone who came in his contact. Today I am in my 50's, but can't forget his magnetic persona. I used to call him Dr Uncle and my admiration for him persists still.


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