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    To what extent is the battle for your happiness justified?

    Everyone wants happiness in life, no one likes trouble and we constantly try to get happiness. Sometimes the situation also becomes that people ignore the feelings of others for their own happiness. But is it necessary that every demand of your happiness is valid?

    This is not always the case, but sometimes the happiness of one becomes the misery of the other. What should a man do in such a situation, should he always renounce for the happiness of others, or should always think about his happiness only, another way is, sometimes to fight for your happiness and sometimes sacrifice it for the others. But then the question comes that what happiness should be left because happiness is not something big or small, it is just happiness.

    After all, how should we live life by creating a balance, so that, no one else would be hurt by our actions for our happiness?
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    Having a desire for a happy living is not a mistake. But in this pursuit, we should not hurt the feelings of other people in any way. They will have their own desires and they will do what will give them happiness. Our activities should not hinder their activities. That should be our aim in leading our lives.
    A person is having a desire to drive his vehicle at a high speed. He can drive. But in that course of action, he may be hitting other vehicles or other people which will make the others get hurt. So he should control his speed in such a way that he will not cause accidents and in conveninces.

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    If you derive pleasure by doing any task not hurting others, you may continue the same. There would be no one to stop you from doing this but if your pleasure reflects your sadistic attitude and hurting someone, you attain the maximum happiness then you would be opposed to do the same. There are different circumstances to support your heightened pleasure which may not be liked by others. Take one of your hobbies such as driving your race bike at the maximum speed creating tremendous sound disturbing the sleep pattern of your neighbors but such type of activities can offer you an unique happiness at the cost of putting others in trouble. Then we need to change our path so that the peace living our surrounding remain intact.

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    I don't want to be happy by hurting others. I strongly dislike this bad habit of some people. They mock at other and laugh.
    Happiness comes from within. When your heart is happy, they you can feel true happiness. If I want to live happily then I would wish for other people that they should also live happily.
    In rare cases I have seen a few persons who sacrifice their happiness for others so that they can enjoy happiness. Generally, such people are found in stories or books or movies. Reality if this world is that nobody cares about other people. They want their happiness, let the whole world go to Hell, they don't feel any sympathy for others. They can do anything for their own happiness.

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    Happiness is a state of the mind and it not only depends on our internal thought process but also depends on external forces. So there should be a balance between the two and until both are satisfied, the true happiness would not be there.
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    Why you should battle for happiness? Happiness is not a craze but many people become happy on accumulating/possessing some materials they hanker. As long as we are going to search for happiness in the form of materials we will never be happy and happiness will be there only for the period the material brings cheer to us. When the material loses its shine the happiness will be gone and there will be cravings for another material. There are people who can go to any extent to fulfil their desire and will not hesitate to harm others. Don't try to think they are doing it for their happiness rather they are doing those things just to fulfil their craze. Why you should harm or disturb others for your happiness if you consider everybody a fellow human being? The world is a place for everyone to live and if certain people try to think that only they will live and others have no place here then they are wrong and they will never be happy. Happiness should come from within because only our minds know whether we are happy or not and we need to control our minds accordingly.

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    Deriving happiness from the sorrows and griefs of others is nothing but a sadistic pleasure. People having this trait are not human. They have definitely an evil mind if they indulge in such practices. We have to make ourselves happy and on that there are no two opinions but it should not be based on the miseries of others. We have to learn to live cordially with our fellow beings and have to be kind hearted to the poor and destitute.
    Knowledge is power.

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