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    Always being confused is a sign of low confidence

    Confusion is a word that causes stress in the life of any human being and he/she does not know it. I have a friend, I have seen her in such a situation, she is very confused about making every small decision. Many times when she makes a decision, after some time often she also regrets that her another one is better, thus she always remains unhappy. Confusion during shopping etc. is understandable, but when this confusion is about career and other important decisions of life, then one can lose its confidence. It is natural to take the advice of others when making a decision, but it is not good to doubt so much in your own decision.

    Members, do you also know such type of people, who always have confusion in their decision? How can such people gain confidence?
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    When we are confident we will deal with the subject without any doubt. But when are not completely aware of the subject we may not have the confidence and we may not take any decision and we will have a lot of confusion. So we will be thinking about the decision we take and we may be thinking and changing our decisions many times. That is an indication that we are confused as we have no confidence in us on that particular subject. When there is a problem we have to think thoroughly and make a decision. Once we make a decision and start implementing the same we may get many doubts. But we should not change the decision very frequently. It will create further confusion and all the things put together it will become a big mess and we may not be able to solve the issue correctly.
    If the issue is not known completely, talk to the person who completely knows about the issue and understand him properly and then take a decision.

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    When people have lots of doubts they remain confused and cannot decide. When you know you have doubts you must strive to clear your doubts on the issue and then only you can be confident. Our upbringings have some role here. There are parents who cannot let their children do things in their own ways. They always try to correct whatever they do or do not allow their children to do things saying since they are children they cannot do such things. If people are nervous at times, they stammer and if you make them more nervous by certain acts they will stammer more. The fear in mind must go to be confident but it must be seen that one is confident because she/he knows the correct answer/solution to a problem. Confidently saying the wrong thing is equally deplorable. You can help your friend to gain confidence by providing her with the necessary suggestions. After taking a decision when the job is done there is no point in regretting because whatever has been done has already been done and there is no way to return. If the decision cannot bring the desired outcome you can take some remedial actions but regret over it will not resolve the issue in any way. Encourage her to do small tasks regularly and assure her that nobody will interfere in her work. After completing the regular task encourage her for doing it correctly. By doing this, I think slowly she will be able to change herself and gain confidence.

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    Lack of confidence and lack of will to take firm decision creates confusion in our minds. It is not the lack of knowledge. Even the knowledgeable people can get confused. So, one should be bold and courageous in taking decisions. There will be opposition and there will be resentment but one has to be prepared to face it and amicably settle it. Confusion will not help.
    Knowledge is power.

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