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    How to articulate thoughts when it is difficult to write a paragraph

    Ever had problems in putting your thoughts into text with clarity? Take tips from seasoned writers on how to resolve this taxing problem!

    Filling paragraphs with words and without facts only make the writing less effective. It hampers the crux of a message to the audience. There is no cohesion and clarity while writing recklessly without keeping in mind the rules of writing a proper paragraph.

    Do you face any such problem when you found it difficult to write some creative sentences and unable to expand quality content in a paragraph? How can we elaborate on the quality content in a paragraph when facing difficulty in articulation of thoughts?
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    For me the creation of sentence and building the paragraph goes hand in hand as my thoughts goes on hunting spree to give the befitting reply to a topic which is already familiar to me. Like wise my response to the most of the threads are known to me and my mind goes on dictating the words and thus become sentence and so on One thing is sure that framing sentence and giving the title is not easy job and one has to gain experience. But I always enjoy raising new headings and connecting the heading to the content. But I also cherish in responding to every thread appearing on this forum section,
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    It happens many times as our thinking process is going on but when we are starting to write, we usually stop after the first sentence itself start feeling that we have already expressed our views and there is nothing more to pen then. Sometimes the flow of thoughts is accompanied by a quick and continuous writing but that happens rarely as most of the times bottlenecks in writing are encountered after each sentence or the paragraph. I think that might happen when we do not have enough content and we want to make somehow 20 lines on the subject. Or it could be due to defect in the structure of our writing that we suffer such hindrances in our writing sessions. Wandering thoughts will always be there in our mind but to present them in an orderly way is the essence of creative writing. We have learnt these things in our Psychology course that human mind can think all sort of things but cannot replicate them in a proper order and coherence when it comes to produce them in black and white.
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    Writing about a particular subject needs some good understanding of the subject. We may be having some information about the subject but if we are not having the skill of making sentences and presenting it, we can't write to them properly. So for making a good presentation we require subject knowledge as well as writing skills. To get good writing skills we should have a good vocabulary and this will come from reading. For writing properly we should have good knowledge about spelling and grammar also. Initially, we may feel difficult in framing the sentences and making a better presentation.
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    Dr Rao, this topic is not about developing writing skills. It is about attempting to convert a stray thought into concrete text.

    Yes, sometimes something pops up in the mind and we struggle to articulate it into written words. There have been occasions when my fingers pause over the keyboard and my little grey cells will be at a complete standstill. I think and think and think, how exactly am I going to frame what I want to say into sentences which not only makes sense to me but conveys to my reader as well what I want to opine?

    Take the recent example of the forum thread challenge. It was different from having to raise a spontaneous thread for discussion in the forum, in the sense that I had to put in an additional effort to piece it together in a more unique manner than usual. So while the topic was there in my mind and I wanted to "talk" about a campus library, I was not right away having the ability to neatly slot it into text.

    When I have such difficulty, I resort to what I call a visualization technique. I simply let my mind visualize the lovely experience I had when I returned to my college campus a few years ago, after many years. One of the spots I re-visited was the library and had a lovely chat with one of the assistant librarians who were still there (later met the Head Librarian elsewhere on the campus). That experience brought back fond memories of the time I spent there when I was a student. So when putting the text for the library thread, I similarly visually wandered around the library, between cupboards where I would search for a particular book and tables where I sat jotting down notes, smiling when the librarian would catch somebody talking, etc. That clicked!

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    There are two things. One is to write for appreciation from the reader and the other is to understand by the reader. If you think that your writing should be appreciated, then it will be difficult to choose words and explain it. But if you think that your writing should be simply understood by the reader, then it would be easy to articulate your thought and write any number of paragraphs, especially with regard to creative writing, not subject writing.
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