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    Daily calories depend on the number of meals

    There are a variety of people in this world. Dwarf, giant, average, lanky, thin, fat and other types which depend on the calorie count of the diet. The daily calorie count is the aggregate of the calorie count per meal taken in for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Many people prefer 5-6 small meals per day while some prefer 3 large meals and 2 small meals. There are people who keep a nutritionist to keep their health in check and be fit. Nutritionist is absolutely mandatory for individuals who suffer from any chronological disease in order to prevent severe damage to the health. For an average human being, 1500-2000 calorie count on a daily basis is good for health maintenance. People who want to lose weight must consume foods rich in fibres and protein. People who want to gain weight must consume foods rich in carbohydrates and fats. The other nutrients shouldn't be eliminated but it must be consumed in smaller amounts including essential vitamins and minerals to boost metabolism. Drinking water atleast 2-3litres on a daily basis is absolutely necessary to maintain homeostasis and a healthy body.
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    Surely the daily calories depend on what we eat and how often we eat. Those who eat the rice items all the three times are bound to acquire more calories and those who eat wheat flour based food are going to have less calories. And burning of calories are very important. That means the more we eat the more we should exert ourselves through the work outs and exercises. Most of the people prefer brisk walking or even jogging and that would sweat it out more calories. But nothing can bring more satisfied results on calories burning through cycling and if the habit of riding cycling is daily the body would be fit and going.
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    Daily calorie requirement varies from individual to individual and their job type. A labour would require more calories than an office worker or a white collar employee. It is advisable to take 3-4 meals at intervals rather than taking 2 big meals in a day. If a person is weight conscious then he will have to reduce the food intake significantly and accordingly the calorie value will come down.
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    It is true that calorie depend on how much you eat per day. The more you eat the more you will get calorie. Calorie also depends on which type of food you take. Fatty food gives more calorie whereas, fibrous and protein ous food gives less calories. Moreover, calorie requirement varies from person to person. Labourer is needed more calorie compare to office-goers. Every person should intake food according to their need.

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    By eating we will be getting some energy which is measured in Calories. When we work we will consume some energy and that is also measured in Calories. A person who sits without any physical activity may require minimum energy that is required by the body for its function. Even when we sleep also we consume some energy. People whose work is physical in nature may require higher energy. Eating sufficiently and having some physical work is always the best option for everybody. The food we eat should be selected in such a way that we get sufficient energy and at the same time, no fat is getting accumulated.
    Select the food in such a way that we get the required energy but not fat. For that, we have to go for vegetables and fruits and fewer carbohydrates. How many calories are required will vary from person to person based on his physique and the type of work.

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